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Decorating with Natural Wood

Bring natural wood accents and textures into your home, warming interiors while providing stand-up-to-anything functionality.
  • Under glass

    Fill a galvanized tub with wood chips and birch branches, then top with a glass table round for a DIY coffee table.

  • Corner groove

    A corner nook paneled in wood balances the rest of the bright white of the rest of the hallway. Note how the upholstery and rug extend the nature theme.


  • Heading things up

    A freeform branch hangs on a wall of wood standing in for a headboard. Note the contrast of smooth and rough, straight and curves achieved in this pairing.

  • Solid start

    Three logs stand in for an entry table. Keep them large enough that they fill the space and stand up to bold elements like this mirror and flooring. 

  • Cooking up a look

    Cladding a range hood in natural wood complements the painted paneling behind it and offers a restful focal point for the kitchen.

  • Handy placement

    Positioned tubside, this untreated log keeps bath needs handy. It also pulls the tones from the wall insert into the rest of the room.

  • Make a stand

    Perch a cake on a homemade cake stand for a solid base to an airy dessert.

  • Waterproof stoop

    This little spot for setting bath needs pops amid a sea of cool, light-color marble.

  • Side ways

    Placing a stump by a chair creates a unique side table. Light, textural birch plays well with the white and cream furniture.

  • Space filler

    From floor to ceiling, wood fills this dining room: chairs, table, fireplace, mirror frame, even on top of the armoires.

  • Composed coffee table

    A round grouping of branches makes for a coffee table that is the focal point of this conversation area. 

  • Up side

    Paneling ceiling in wood crowns the space in warmth. The herringbone pattern draws eyes, visually enlarging the space.

  • Supporting a look

    Natural wood shelf supports (even if they are just decorative) keep this corner from looking too cute. 

  • Open minded

    Cabinet doors get a textural treatment when bark is applied. Three branches mounted to the wall provide convenient landing spots.

  • Post cap lamp

    Drill a hole in the center of 15 wood fence post caps, then secure the stack using small nails. A lamp kit transforms it into a stylish fixture.

  • Sturdy seat

    Round stencils echo tree rings on this cross-section of a log that provides a sturdy seat. 

  • Pine shim valance

    Nail pine shims to a simple boxed valance for this look. You'll only need a package or two. Or try wood paint stir sticks for a similar feel.

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