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Bold color room makeover

This living room went from ho-hum to hot with brushstrokes of rich, gorgeous red.


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Vibrant, attention-grabbing hues have the power to reinvent a room. Maybe you still love your sofa, that chair or a mirror, but like anything too familiar, your room might be feeling a little, well ... dare we say it ... dull. For an easy, budget-friendly makeover, explore the power of paint! Hesitant to use brights? Apply in small doses. Ready to take the leap? Do the whole room. Give in to the urge and pick up a paintbrush loaded with change.

Fearless choices

We teamed up with Sherwin-Williams and La-Z-Boy on this room makeover. And we love that Rave Red on the walls isn’t a shy color. (Why make a change if nobody’s going to notice?)

Our favorite pieces stayed: a classic La-Z-Boy sofa, a couple of chairs and some accessories. But now, instead of fading into a neutral background, the sofa, with its scattering of new artful pillows, is a pretty focal point.

Out went a stuffy rug, old ottoman, dark pillows and light-blocking drapes. In their place are two La-Z-Boy pieces: a red chair for extra seating and a round ottoman for better traffic flow. Windows wear light-filtering shades. The result is a room with an updated, chic personality.


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