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15 Ways to Use Mason Jars

Use simple, sturdy Mason jars at the dinner table, as storage organizers, for party favors, to show off flowers and more.

Organized system

A row of jars puts tall items at your fingertips. Separate by type, color or function. 

Night lights

Like fireflies winking in the dusk, a row of jars strung with lights hangs from rafters. Pendant light kits found at local hardware stores make the conversion simple.

Take root

When used as a container for forcing blubs, Mason jars mean you get twice the beauty: tendrils of roots and towering bulb.

Single servings

Before guests arrive, dish servings into Mason jars to simplify serving time at a buffet. 

Sunny display

Floating a single blossom in a jar with a little water makes a charming display. A bow of raffia tops it with flourish.

Convenience at hand

Adding a simple pump to the jar puts your dish or hand soap on display in a sturdy source.

Clearly stored

Attaching bright paper labeled with IDs transforms jars into clear storage.

Growing favors

A little dirt at the bottom of a jar hints at the contents of this thoughtful favor. Raffia holds pretty gardening gloves on the jar filled with a seed packet and plant ID stake.

Sweet storage

Corral tiny notions in a jar topped with a felt pincushion. Thread, needle cases, pins, buttons. They'll all benefit from a secure spot.

Crystal clear solution

A chandelier of Mason jars and color-coordinated crystals not only glimmers but also shines with creativity.

Organized system

A row of jars puts tall items at your fingertips. Separate by type, color or function. 

Tall refresher

Pour lemonade or sangria into these jars for containers guests don't have to worry about breaking. 

Gift goodies

A simple ribbon around the lid finishes off this treat in a bottle. Layer the makings for treats and tie on the directions. Give with love.

No-stress sippers

Insert a straw into lids with holes (or punch a hole in a lid) to create homemade sippy cups. No spills. Grown-up and tyke-approved. 

Delicious display

Cookies on sticks or candy-coated pretzel sticks—anything tall and gooey looks great in a jar. 

Suspended charm

Tea lights set in sand inside Mason jars add light and charm to an outdoor patio. The carefully hung lights dangle above a dining table and seating area. To make your own, use twine and s hooks to hang the jars from thier handles. 

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