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15 DIY Curtain Makeovers

Creative yet simple-to-do touches add personality to standard purchased curtains.
  • Flight of fancy

    Applique butterflies and flowers sweeten sheers for a little girl’s room.

  • Clip-on pattern

     A pair of $4 cloth napkins gains new purpose as cafe curtains when hung from a tension rod. Switch them out throughout the year for a quick refresh.

  • Get it straight

    Dyed lines jazz up plain cotton curtains. Use a ruler to ensure straight lines; then apply dye with a squirt bottle.

  • Graduated look

    Shaded ombré is a popular color treatment. Apply it to curtains by dipping the cotton fabric in a bucket of dye, slowly lifting it out (the lower portions are in the dye the longest, so turn darkest).

  • Simple mechanics

    Washers knotted on with textured yarn or thread link the brown curtains to the industrial-look valance.

  • Romantic add-on

    Gather your curtains at whatever height you want with the addition of a ribbon in a pretty accent color.

  • Sew easy

    Sewing on cording in a coordinating theme adds texture. Here, we added cording between two fabrics to finish the nautical look. Blue cording woud stand out even more.

  • Capital idea

    Many sewing machines can be programmed to monogram fabric. Use that function to add a formal note to your curtains.

  • Fresh outlook

    Hot-glue on a bouquet of handcrafted rosettes, leaves and yarn stems.

  • Romantic ruffles

    Use an extra curtain panel in the same or contrasting fabric to create ruffles on the bottom of two straight panels. 

  • Key borders

    Sew on a border of contrasting fabric to finish the look. Here, a Greek key pattern adds geometry next to florals.

  • Lacy look

    Using a doily as a stencil, apply paint for an airy look.

  • Simple stamps

    Floral stamps finish the sunny look on these yellow-striped curtains. Stamps come in thousands of patterns, so there is bound to be one to suit your decor.

  • Marble-ous effect

    Make a bold statement by marbling white curtains.

  • Simple geometry

    Mark off any geometric shape with painter’s tape on your Roman shade. Fill in with latex paint in a hue you like.

  • Spell it out

    Trace letters onto curtains; then straight-stitch a simple message of affection or inspiration.

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