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Decorate Your Desktop with Our Valentine's Day Photos

Download free desktop wallpaper images from our collection of Midwest Living photographs. Find a photo you like, click to download this image, then right-click on the photo to make it your desktop image.

Chocolate art

Chocolates created by Christopher Elbow in Kansas City, Missouri, are tiny works of art — tempting to the eye as well as the palate.


Pink Dawn Rose

This pale pink rose was photographed in a Peoria, Illinois, garden.

Flower keepsake

Indiana crafter Diane Fehrenbacher turns flowers from special occasions into keepsakes by compressing the petals into beads.

Heart Keepsakes

My Valentine Kringle

The Kringle from O&H Danish Bakery in Racine, Wisconsin, gets a Valentine's makeover in January and February. The flaky pastry, normally an oval, is shaped into a heart, topped with pink frosting and filled with cherries.

O&H Bakery

Heavenly Devil's Food Cake

No calories when you put this on your desktop! But if you decide to bake it, you'll get a moist and rich cake that you can top with whipping cream, fruit, ice cream or frosting.

Heavenly Devil's Food Cake recipe

Bleeding Hearts

These romantic flowers have a not-so romantic name: bleeding hearts. These pink and white blooms come from a Bayfield, Wisconsin, garden.

Red blooms

This Dublin Bay Rose, a climbing red rose, blooms in a Peoria, Illinois, garden.

Ebony and Ivory Cupcakes

Powdered sugar glaze and chocolate shavings top this special-occasion cupcake. Perfect for your valentine!

Ebony and Ivory Cupcakes recipe

Knock Out Roses

Easy-to-grow Knock Out roses look lovely on your desktop at Valentine's Day — and beautiful in your garden from late spring through fall.


Chocolate strawberries

Strawberries dipped in chocolate are among the specialties at Chocolate Cafe in South Haven, Michigan.

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