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Decorate Your Desktop With Our Nature Photos

Bring the beauty of nature to your desktop with our free images from Midwest Living photographers. Find a photo you like, click to download, then right-click on the photo to make it your desktop image.

Bayfield blooms

Double-flowering purple columbine blooms in a Bayfield, Wisconsin, garden.


Terrific tulips

A close-up photo highlights the brilliant colors and elegant shape of this tulip, one of thousands of flowers that bloom each spring at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.


Fir form

The needles of a Select Blue White Fir form a cup-like shape in a Barrington, Illinois, garden.


Sunshine yellow

Sunflowers, such as this brilliant 'Tarahumara', make a big impact in Midwest gardens with their bold blooms


Prairie life

Plants flourish again at Illinois' Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, where the U.S. Forest Service and its partners are restoring the site to the way it looked before European settlers arrived.


Forest ferns

Hikers appreciate the beauty of trails lined with forest ferns in the nearly 16,000-acre Edge of Appalachia Forest Preserve in Adams County, Ohio.

Water Lily

Water lilies bloom at Blackwell Pond in south-central Indiana's Hoosier National Forest.



Raindrops dot a plant leaf at Faerie Hollow Pottery in Nashville, Indiana.

Showing off

A peacock struts his stuff at Monches Farm in Colgate, Wisconsin.



A dragonfly flits around a blade of grass in Brown County State Park, Indiana's largest state park with more than 15,000 acres.

Hillside hostas

More than 100 varieties of hostas, including 'Emerald Cup,' grow on a hillside garden north of Peoria.


Silverbell beauty

Delicate, bell-shape white flowers bloom on Silverbell (Halesia Carolina) in an Illinois garden.

Stripe style

Stalks of ornamental grass create a colorful display at an Indianola, Iowa, garden center.


Dandelion closeup

Visitors to Ponca State Park can appreciate the simple beauty of a dandelion as it gets ready to drop its seeds. 

Bayfield blooms

Double-flowering purple columbine blooms in a Bayfield, Wisconsin, garden.


Elegant fern

Elegant foliage distinguishes the deciduous evergreen Himalayan Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum venustum).

Along the falls

A red leaf contrasts against pebbles and stones at Bond Falls near Paulding, Michigan.


Apostle shore

Waves lap the shore at Stockton Island, part of Wisconsin's chain of Apostle Islands.


Voyageurs up close

Tiny plants thrive around Rainy Lake in Minnesota's vast Voyageurs National Park.


Prairie grasses

Prairie grasses are silhouetted against the sun bouncing off South Dakota's Lake Oahe.

Lovely lotus

Water droplets form iridescent bubbles on lotus leaves in a South Haven, Michigan, pond.


Spider web

A large spider spins his web in North Dakota's Teddy Roosevelt National Park.

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