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Decorate Your Desktop with Our Flower Photos

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Dazzling dahlias

The 'Ben Huston' dahlia is one of more than 50,000 varieties of this easy-to-grow flower.


Tulip time

Tulips bloom in profusion at The Lamplight Inn Bed and Breakfast in Berlin, Ohio.


Silverbell beauty

Delicate, bell-shape white flowers bloom on Silverbell (Halesia Carolina) in an Illinois garden.

University of Illinois Arboretum

Learn about plants and enjoy nature's beauty at the University of Illinois Arboretum in Urbana, Illinois.

Prairie flowers

Prairie flowers brighten the South Dakota plains.

Bright zinnia

Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa, preserves heritage seeds for flowers such as this zinnia.


Sign of spring

The two-tone 'Bravoure' daffodil features snow-white petals around a bright yellow stovepipe trumpet.


Heavenly hydrangeas

Vases hold cloudlike blooms of hydrangeas: Blushing Bride (white) and Cityline Berlin (pink, in two stages).


Longenecker Horticultural Gardens

More than 170 varieties of crab apples grow at the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Pinkshell Azalea

This lovely variety of azalea (Rhododendron vaseyi) blooms with trusses of four to eight funnel-shape, rose pink-to-white flowers.

Splash of color

Daffodils such as these 'Gracious Lady' flowers bloom in early spring, despite chilly temps.


Beautiful bulbs

Triumph tulip 'Blue Base' is one of more than 100 types at the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis.


Tower of flowers

Dazzling blooms and surprising hues give sunflowers real flower power.


Foam Flower

With tiny flowers on tall stalks, Foam Flower (Tiarella) makes a good woodland groundcover.

Woodland color

Heart-shape flowers dangle on the fernlike greenery of Bleeding Heart (Dicentra).

Big bloomers

With large, blousy blooms that can be seen from across the yard, Japanese irises (such as 'Tideline') will bring a burst of color to your Midwest garden.


Dazzling dahlias

The 'Ben Huston' dahlia is one of more than 50,000 varieties of this easy-to-grow flower.


Bottles of blooms

Clear-glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes show off sprigs of lavender.


Oakleaf hydrangea

'Vaughn's Lillie' oakleaf hydrangea sports 10- to 12-inch white flowers that turn pink or brown in fall.


Shade-loving rhodies

The Helen S. Layer Rhododendron Garden at The Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio, grows more than 500 cultivated varieties, including Rhododendron 'Nova Zembla'.

Fragrant lavender

Beautiful, fragrant lavender is native to hot, dry Mediterranean climates but adapts to the Midwest.


Blooms for picking

Pink snapdragons and black-eyed Susans grow near the Lake Michigan shore at Omena Cut Flowers, north of Suttons Bay, Michigan.


Lovely lilacs

Lilac flower clusters, studded with tiny florets, burst with fresh-blown hues in white, violet, blue, lilac, pink, magenta and purple.


Butterfly attraction

A butterfly hovers near phlox, one of many nectar plants that will draw butterflies to your garden.

Summer bloomers

Purple-gray Russian sage flourishes even in the heat of summer, rising 3 to 5 feet tall.


Spring's favorite perfume

With their sweet scent, luscious pastel blooms, and delicate, heart-shape leaves, lilacs are the perfect bloom to snip for a bouquet for yourself or someone you love.


Bucket of cheer

Daffodils light up landscapes, blooming in shades of white, cream, yellow, orange and light pink.


Fragrant understory

Tall trees at The Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio, offer the shade rhododendrons love and tower over varieties such as 'Blue Peter'.


Blooming branches

Crabapple trees offer a season-spanning show, with fragrant sprays of white or pink petals in spring, shade during the summer, and clusters of bright yellow, orange or red fruits that can last through winter.


Brilliant sunflowers

Field of sunflowers are a common sight across North Dakota in mid to late summer. North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota grow more than 85 percent of the U.S. crop.

Bayfield lupines

Spiky magenta lupines are the signature flower of Bayfield, Wisconsin, where gardening flourishes in this Superior-warmed Zone 4 pocket.


Clifty Falls wildflowers

Blue phlox bloom in the spring at Indiana's Clifty Falls State Park.


Double color

'Crested Surf' Japanese irises have six falls (large hanging petals), each with a triangular yellow "signal" in the center.


Field of flowers

Daisy-like black-eyed Susans are easy to grow, require little maintenance and make great cut flowers.


Drifts of color

Captivating drifts of white, yellow, orange, magenta and purple rhododendrons bloom alongside wide walking paths at the The Holden Arboretum's 20-acre rhododendron collection 20 miles northeast of Cleveland.


Botanica, Wichita

Wichita's Botanica gardens, open year-round, feature more than 4,000 species of plants on 17 acres. 

Fall bloomers

Light-sensitive mums begin to produce flowers as the days grow shorter, typically blooming from mid-August until fall frosts.


Easy roses

Shrub roses, such as the 'Yellow Submarine', offer low-maintenance options for Midwest gardeners.


Redbuds in bloom

Redbuds show off their spring colors at Indiana's Clifty Falls State Park.


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