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State by State: Favorite Halloween Candy

Want to be the most popular house on the block this Halloween? Then check out the best-loved Halloween candy in each state.

Crazy statistic alert: Consumers are expected to spend $2.7 billion on trick-or-treating candy this year, according to the National Retail Federation. To help sugar fiends make the right buy, the bulk candy retailer examined ten years of sales to determine which sweet treats stand out in each state. Are you surprised that most Midwest states preferred a non-chocolate candy?


A handy breakdown of candy preferences in all 12 Midwest States:


Pucker up! Illinois residents bought 155,782 pounds of Sour Patch Kids for Halloween last year. Runner-up: Kit Kats.


Some like it hot, like Indiana consumers, who snagged 95,092 pounds of Hot Tamales. Starburst and Snickers came in second and third in popularity.


The peanut butter-chocolate combo has captivated Iowans, who purchased 58,974 pounds of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups last year.


Reese's wins again! Peanut butter lovers in Kansas bought 231,476 pounds of the candy last year, so Iowans apparently need to step up their game.


People in the Great Lake State stick with classic candy corn. 146,782 pounds of classic candy corn, to be exact.


How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Someone in Minnesota has to know, considering the 195,783 pounds that were sold in the state in 2016.


Folks in Missouri love their Milky Ways: They bought nearly 43,000 pounds of the malt nougat covered in caramel and smothered in chocolate... wow, that sounds great right now.


The Sour Patch Kids are back at it in Nebraska, where 106,728 pounds flew off the shelves last year for Halloween.

North Dakota

This state sees particularly cold temperatures, so it makes sense that its residents would stock up on nearly 66,000 pounds of Hot Tamales as the winter nears.


The 150,324 pounds of Blow Pops purchased in Ohio edged out the previous year's winner, M&Ms, which came in second with 146,782 pounds (still impressive, M&Ms).

South Dakota

Tops for South Dakotans: Starburst candies (25,000 pounds).


Starbursts again! (116,788 pounds, to be exact). Next in popularity: Butterfingers.


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