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Free printable woodland pumpkin stencils

Paint, carve and etch leaves, squirrels, owls, moons, raccoons, mushrooms, deer, mice, acorns and more with our free stencils and patterns.

Moon stencil

A moon makes an easy-to-carve shape on either a black or orange pumpkin.

Painted leaves

Paint some breezy fall leaves on your pumpkin with our pattern for a guide. 

Moon stencil

A moon makes an easy-to-carve shape on either a black or orange pumpkin.

Painted squirrel

Use our pattern to trace the outline of this bushy-tailed woodland creature, then fill in the shape with black acrylic paint. 

Owl stencil

This etched and carved owl looks especially nice on a black pumpkin. Buy a black foam pumpkin or spray-paint a real pumpkin.

Mushroom stencil

Light pops out through the tops of mushrooms on these etched and carved pumpkins. Our templates show how to create either one or two mushrooms.

Fox mask

Decorate a pumpkin in just seconds with animal masks.

Resources Animal Faces: 15 Punch-Out Masks by Pierre-Marie Valat (

Raccoon stencil

A raccoon peers over a branch in this pumpkin scene created with etching, carving and painting.

Acorn stencil

Let the light shine through your pumpkin with this acorn, which uses both carving and etching.

Painted paws

Cute pawprints patter around your pumpkin. 

Owl mask

Make an owl for a woodland scene with two stacked pumpkins and a mask.

Resources Animal Faces: 15 Punch-Out Masks by Pierre-Marie Valat (

Deer stencil

Etching enhances the features on this graceful deer. 

Deer with branched antlers

Etch and carve your pumpkin to create the head, then use branches for antlers on this unusual design.

Tall tree

No pattern needed—just use acrylic paint to draw a trunk and branches. Click here for details on how to make this project. 

Painted mice

Black- or orange-painted mice skitter across pumpkins.

Create a scene

Put your pumpkins together with seasonal accents, such as gourds, mums and a colorful blanket, to create a woodland scene like the one on the cover of our September/October 2013 issue.

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