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Easy Easter Decorations

Get ideas for easy Easter decorating, including Easter centerpieces, Easter table settings and decorating tips for simple Easter eggs.
  • Banded eggs

    Place rubber bands around eggs before dipping in dye to create pretty linear designs.

  • Spring greeting

    A clear cookie jar shows off a mix of dyed eggs and a medley of flowers united by their color.

    Start with a large-mouth cookie jar or canister, a clear drinking glass that fits inside the jar, dyed hard-cooked eggs and flowers. Center the drinking glass inside the jar and carefully stack the eggs between the glass and jar, alternating egg colors. Fill the glass with water.

    Cut the stems of your favorite flowers (we used roses, gerbera daisies, tulips, hyacinths and bells of Ireland) to the desired length and arrange them in the glass.

  • Easter spirit

    Trade traditional bunnies for stylish birds on your brunch table.

    For the centerpiece, tuck eggs into a nest of dried moss from a crafts store. Arrange it inside a birdcage. Accent with short twigs. Pink blossoms (in floral water picks) and gingham ribbon finish the look.

    For the place setting, layer pink gingham and cream ribbons over a napkin. Tuck ends under plates, and top with a vintage or reproduction bird postcard and a single rose.

    A bird-theme stamp and ink pad make a coordinating take-home gift. Wrap the ink pad in scrapbooking paper. Nestle items in a ceramic mug or paper bag stuffed with dried moss and faux feathers. Attach a name card with ribbon.


  • Nest of eggs

    A handful of dyed eggs and some easy-to-find carnations create a quick, fun spring centerpiece.

    Nestle dyed eggs in a small bowl and set in the center of a medium-size footed bowl (prop bowl on a dish if necessary). Fill the footed bowl with a few inches of water. Cut carnation stems about 2 or 3 inches long, and pack the blooms around the bowl of eggs.

  • Dyed eggs in grass

    For a simple yet eyecatching look, fill a footed bowl with Easter grass or dried moss (from a crafts store), dyed eggs and small egg-shape candy.  

  • Hats off

    Improvise an Easter basket using a sweet straw hat. Fill it with softly colored eggs, either hollowed or artificial. Personalize with rub-on letters or even notes tucked inside, if you're using hollowed eggs.

    To empty an egg, use a long needle to gently prick a small hole into each of the egg's two ends. Pierce the yolk with the needle and then gently blow into one hole, pushing the contents out the other end.

  • Easy patterned eggs

    Give Easter eggs more than a dye job using a colorful, patterned washi tape, a paperlike product that originated in Japan. (We ordered our perky pink and blue patterns from cutetape.com). Cut 1-inch and 1/2-inch pieces to create a patchwork effect, or snip thin strips to apply vertically. 

    Stress-free taping For easy trimming, stick a piece of washi tape to a cutting mat. With a utility knife and ruler, cut to desired size and shape. Tape easily peels off the mat to stick to eggs.

  • Egg-cellent wreath

    Decorate plastic eggs with washi paper or decoupaged fabric strips. Poke a hole with an awl, then string on wire for a bright note on the front door.  

  • Cheery trifle

    A glass vase or trifle dish filled with layers of dyed eggs and greenery elevates the spring table.

  • Bowlful of bright

    For a fast centerpiece, simply fill a plain bowl with eggs you've decorated with crafts stickers or rickrack.

  • Cheerful candleholder

    Elevate your decorated eggs and transform any candleholder with this simple centerpiece. Consider a silver candelabra or brass candlesticks. If necessary, use tacky wax to secure the eggs. 

  • Simple egg display

    Create a quick-and-easy centerpiece by mounding hard-cooked brown and white eggs on a garden of lettuce in a footed china compote. Vary the look by using colored or even chocolate eggs, or by trying ferns or other greens instead of lettuce.

  • Flower power

    Make every egg a star by propping each in its own mini terra-cotta pot.

    Dress up the planter by hot-gluing ribbon around the top edge. To decorate basic white eggs, add scrapbooking stickers. These cute paper flowers are easy to wrap around curved edges.

  • Sparkly Easter eggs

    Pretty up your candlesticks by displaying glittery Easter eggs.

    To decorate eggs, take a damp sponge and coat an egg with white glue. Pour ultra fine glitter into a bowl (or use a paper coffee filter) and roll the egg in it. Ensure all spots are completely covered. Let the egg sit in the glitter until it’s dry. 

  • Chocolate bunny surprise

    Pick up large chocolate bunnies from the supermarket for sweet table settings. Place a bunny with a pretty place card at each place on the table. 

  • Touch of grass

    Cover the bottom of eggs with bright green "grass" cut from tissue or origami paper and glued to eggs. Then place eggs in egg cups or candlesticks (silver, glass, ceramic—they all look great).  Add a craft-punched butterfly to finish the look.



  • Lacy eggs

    Add pretty designs to your Easter eggs using lace trim, lace scraps, doilies, or Japanese washi tape (fabric-like masking tape) decorated with a craft punch.


  • Pastel hues

    These muted Easter eggs radiate calm with subtle colors. Tuck them in a basket filled with pink paper confetti.

  • Sinuous charmer

    Snake a garland of dyed eggs along the middle of the table for an enticing look. Thread plastic or blown-and-dyed eggs.

  • Beautiful Easter basket

    These lavish butterflies add spring spirit to any basket. 

    To make butterflies, print butterfly images from royalty-free clip art. Be sure to print two copies of each. Glue designs back-to-back so they’re double-sided. If you like, spray with adhesive, sprinkle with glitter and let dry. Glue a few butterflies on each basket. 

  • Under glass

    A family photo, silver antiques, a childhood drawing combine for a sentimental scene. A pop of purple blooms and greenery draw eyes.

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