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How to Make a Stacked-Loop Bow

Add pizzazz to your wrapped gifts with a striking bow.
  • Stacked loop bow

    To make this easy stacked-loop bow, you'll need ribbon, scissors, double-sided tape and a ruler. Click ahead for step-by-step instructions.

  • Step 1: Cut the ribbon

    Cut three pieces of ribbon, each 2 inches longer than the previous one. For a loop in the center of the bow, cut a piece three times as long as the ribbon is wide.

  • Step 2: Glue the ribbon

    With the ribbon facedown, turn ends to the center and adhere with double-sided tape to form two loops. Next, tape the ends of the center loop together. For the tail, cut a ribbon slightly longer than the longest loop and notch the ends.

  • Step 3: Stack the loops

    Stack the tail and looped ribbons from longest to shortest, adhering the layers at the centers using the double-sided tape. Top the layers with the center loop. 

  • Step 4: Place bow

    Center the bow on the package. Thread a long ribbon through the center loop and wrap it around the package, taping it on the back to secure. That’s a wrap on your beautiful bow!

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