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How to Create a Felt Tree

Dress up your holiday mantel with these DIY trees adorned with ribbons, doilies, buttons and bells.
  • Felt tree

    It takes only a few minutes to create a forest of felt trees! Gather these materials before you start: foam cones, colored felt, florists wire, glue, bells, trim and ribbon.

  • Step 1: Cut and glue felt

    Cut two to four pieces of felt freehand, adding scalloped edges. Cut an additional piece of felt without a scalloped edge for your bottom layer. Wrap the bottom layer around the tree, trimming so it folds over the bottom edge slightly. Glue the felt to the foam. Repeat, gluing on remaining layers from bottom to top.

  • Step 2: Top with felt

    Top the tree by snipping the felt, folding it over and gluing it to the top of the foam surface. 

  • Step 3: Add a bell

    Thread florists wire through a bell and bend the wire in half, bringing the ends together and sticking them into the top of the form. 

  • Step 4: Decorate the tree

    Wrap trims and ribbons around the tree, gluing as needed. We used velvet ribbons, lace and doilies to complete the festive look.

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