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Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Dress up your packages with fresh ideas for paper, ribbon and other decorations.

Jeweled boxes

Vintage jewel-encrusted brooches and belt buckles slipped over ribbons sparkle on these gifts.

Decorate a present

Use smaller ornaments as pretty add-ons for gift wrap. Evergreen sprays and faux berries are a special touch.

Vintage-feel wrap

Vintage-look papers, brown ribbon, buttons and lace make great handcrafted packages.

Sweet idea

Folded cupcake liners, plain paper and twine go together for a simple but striking wrap, especially for kitchen-related gifts. Use a mini liner for the top.

Print package

Wrap packages with plain kraft paper and decorate with velvet ribbon, gold twine and tissue paper printed with old-fashioned typewriter type.

Lacy look

Use adhesive spray to add lacy paper doilies to gifts; tie with yarn.

Fabric wrap

For small gifts or holiday party favors, wrap boxes in fabric, then decorate with a thin velvet ribbon threaded through a pearly buckle or button. A sprig of flocked greenery tops each box.

Poinsettia topper

A single flower can make gift wrap special. To make the flower last a few days, slip it in a water-filled vial, available at crafts stores and florist’s shops. Wrap the vial in ribbon to conceal it before tying it to the package.

Recycled wrap

Use newspapers to wrap packages, then mix black, white and red ribbons for stylish bows.

Paper strings

String tiny paper cutouts of Christmas trees and stars on metallic thread to give Christmas packages a special tie-up. 

Fuzzy accents

Wool balls and different styles of yarn give charm even to packages wrapped in plain white paper.

Winter scene

Create a winter wonderland on top of a wrapped package. Use a few dots of hot glue to attach mini packages and bottlebrush trees. Glue metallic beads to the trees for extra sparkle.

With bells on

Jingle bells glued and tied on these packages add a finishing touch to pretty papers and ribbons. Let your creations decorate the mantel until Christmas morning!

Wallpaper wrap

Looking for something a little different, or have leftover papers in the house? Think outside the box for wrapping paper. Wallpaper, art paper, even shelving liner can all become pretty Christmas wrap. 

Kid-inspired wrapping

Any kid at heart will tell you that the wrapping often is just as much fun as the gift. Get children involved in holiday gift-giving by offering them plain wrapping paper to decorate. Their drawings, cutouts, stamps, glued-on pom-poms and scrawled letters promise personal touches no wrapping-paper company can match.

Blue and orange

Ribbons and papers in turquoise and orange cover a pretty collection of packages. Splurge on double-face satin or velvet ribbon for the most elegant look.

Sprig of greens

Tuck a greenery twig under a ribbon for a fresh look just before you give a package (or use artificial greens for long-lasting appeal).  Wire small ornaments to the sprouts to look like a miniature Christmas tree.

Recycled tags

Dress up a package with tags recycled from pretty holiday cards. Use a tag punch to create the shape, then trim with chenille stem or other embellishments. Punch a hole near the top, and if you like, finish with a metal eyelet. 

Natural style

Greenery, pinecones and polka-dot ribbon wrap up these gifts with natural style.

Woven ribbons

Use different styles of coordinating ribbon to create a lovely woven effect. Tape on three vertical ribbons, then weave through two horizontal ribbons and tape on the back. Instead of a tag, use a scrapbook letter to signify the gift recipient's first name. 

Silver and blue

This color combo lends an elegant touch to any gift. Sprigs of greenery and jingle bells enhace the look.

Jeweled boxes

Vintage jewel-encrusted brooches and belt buckles slipped over ribbons sparkle on these gifts.

Spice stamp gift wrap

Handmade paper purchased at an art store and sheer tulle tied as ribbon give gifts a texture that's hard to resist. Add a personal gift tag and unique spice stamp. To make the stamp, sand one side of a star anise, dip it in glittery ink and press it on the tag.

Flower power

A flower appliqué adds an elegant touch to this silver-and-blue package.

Wrap with maps

Old or unused maps make creative wrapping paper—especially for a travel-related gift!

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