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Decorating with Extra Ornaments

Have more ornaments than you can fit on a tree—or not putting up a tree this year? Try these easy, creative tips for decorating with extra ornaments.
  • Showcase in glasses

    Pull glassware out of the cabinets and onto a mantel for an easy arrangement using ornaments and other holiday decor.

    Let curled ribbon drape out of a champagne flute. Place one ornament in a martini glass. Stack mini ornaments in a beer glass. Or create a "flower" in a clay pot with a wine glass and ornaments. Put a votive candle holder upside down inside the pot as a base for the glass. Secure the glass to the top of the holder with double-sided tape. Crumple tissue paper around the base of the glass, and fill with mini ornaments.

  • Hang from a ladder

    Create an unusual holiday display with a vintage ladder. Wrap rungs with colorful ribbon, then hang ornaments. 

  • Create a table setting

    Add cheer to your holiday table setting by tying an ornament or two to napkins. Ornaments can also double as place cards (and be hostess gifts for guests!). 

  • Make a festive frame

    Make a white frame (or spreay-paint one) a pretty focal point by hanging an ornament from the hook in back. 

  • Decorate a present

    Use smaller ornaments as pretty add-ons for gift wrap. Evergreen sprays and faux berries are a special touch.

  • Christmas centerpiece ideas: ornaments

    Serve up a centerpiece

    To make a showy centerpiece, place solid-color ball ornaments inside a clear-glass vase and "serve" on a silver tray. Sprinkle faux snow over the display, and wrap it up with matching ribbon.

  • Decorate a wreath

    Hand-painted red-and-white foam balls embellish this evergreen wreath. Get a similar look by using any of your favorite ornaments.
  • Cover with a cloche

    A few Christmas elements add up to one dashing display! Place a large ball ornament, a single rose and a few evergreen sprigs on a dinner plate. Cover the arrangement with a cloche. To keep the rose fresh, put the stem in a florist's water tube. Or for a super-easy display, just use smaller or contrasting ornaments instead of the flower.

  • Make outside decorations

    Do you have a potted evergreen outside? Decorate the plant or the pot with inexpensive ornaments.

  • Coordinate colors

    Put coordinating colors of surplus ornaments in urns, vases, goblets and bowls of different sizes. Finish with bright green pine branches for a woodsy touch.

  • Put on candlesticks

    Top clear or silver candlesticks with vintage ornaments for a simple Christmas centerpiece, mantel arrangement or side table display.

  • Photo vases

    Create a personalized holiday display by filling glass cylinder vases with a photograph and ornaments. Click to the next slide to see how to make a mantel arrangement from this idea.

  • Mantel display

    Photo vases (see previous slide) add a personal touch to this mantel. Finish the look with candles, flowers and candy canes in clear glass holders. For an easy garland, string ornaments along a ribbon.

  • Hang from a chandelier

    Hang extra ornaments from a chandelier. Depending on the style of your fixture, use hooks or ribbon to hang the ornaments.

  • Make a "cupcake" display

    Vintage or ceramic cupcake holders make a perfect (and portable) holder for ornaments. 

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