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6 DIY Christmas Photo Projects

Give your holiday photos more exposure this season with these DIY projects to put photos on dishes, ornaments, pillows, a vintage suitcase, fiberboard letters and jars.
  • Dish up smiles

    Size a photo to fit the flat area of a glass plate. Print the photo onto vellum, seal with polycrylic spray, and cut to fit. Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge decoupage to the underside of the plate where the photo goes; place photo, then smooth out air bubbles. Let dry with a weight on top. Apply two or three more coats of decoupage to vellum, letting dry between coats. Set plate on a charger or dinner plate so the photo stands out. Hand-wash only.

  • Photo finish

    Share family memories by turning favorite photos into gift tags that double as keepsake ornaments. Cut copies of photos and card stock into holiday motifs, making the photos slightly smaller. Glue together and tie the tag onto the present. 

  • Word play

    Paint ready-made medium-density fiberboard letters desired color. When dry, arrange photos over the O, taping together with low-tack artist’s tape (found at craft stores). Carefully flip the photos and letter facedown and trace around the O with a pencil. Remove the letter and cut photos along the traced line. Adhere the photo collage to the front of the letter with Mod Podge decoupage or glue. Remove low-tack tape from photos.

  • Open case

    Secure an enlarged photo with double-sided tape to the inside of the lid of a vintage-style suitcase, picnic basket or lunch box. Fill with fruits, ornaments, pinecones, greens or cards.

  • Soft focus

    To make this picture pillow, print a test of your photo onto white paper, selecting “mirror image” or “reverse image.” Print black-and-white or color photo onto fabric transfer paper, following package instructions. (If your photo is larger than 812x11 inches, tape two pieces of transfer paper together on the reverse side before printing.) Cut out image, leaving a narrow border. Place facedown on pillow cover, carefully remove any tape, then iron. Insert pillow form and tie on a ribbon bow.

  • Clearly creative

    Gently roll and insert photocopies into glass vessels, using a long, thin tool to adjust them inside. Add sprigs and twine, or fill jars with small jingle bells.

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