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4 Ideas for Winter Window Decorating

Improve your outlook with DIY window decor perfect for the holidays.

Present sentiments

A good view is always a gift! But make it even more special by wrapping it like a present by crisscrossing ribbon and adding holiday good wishes. Our treatment layers thin white ribbon over a wide red one (fold ends and tack or tape to the window frame). Secure wood letters in a fun font via double-faced tape or straight pins pressed into the grille. Underscore the sentiment with glass jars of sweet treats.

Resources Ribbon and letters Michaels Crafts Stores. (800) 642-4235; michaels.com Wall color SW6868 Real Red. Sherwin-Williams. (800) 474-3794; sherwin-williams.com

Snowy vista

A flurry of snowflakes floats above a forest of pines. Simply hot-glue together trees cut from foam-core board. Lean the unit against the window or secure with double-faced tape. Thread or hot-glue pom-poms onto fishing line then attach to the window frame with invisible tape.

Resources Foam-core board, craft pom-poms and filament Michaels Crafts Stores. (800) 642-4235; michaels.com Wall color SW6706 Off-Beat Green. Sherwin-Williams. (800) 474-3794; sherwin-williams.com

Cheerful statement

Think big and bright when making these bold ornaments. Red and green scrapbooking paper in fun patterns adorns shapes cut from poster board. We found ornament silhouettes online then enlarged them to suit the window. Glue three papers onto each ornament. Punch a hole at the top, then hang them on red cording or yarn taped to the top of the window. A valance of live greens finishes the display.

Resources Scrapbooking papers and red cording Michaels Crafts Stores. (800) 642-4235; michaels.com Ornament silhouettes Search Internet for “Christmas ornament shapes.” 

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