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Wake Up Your Winter Garden

Though it's not a bloom blast, a winter garden offers its own version of beauty. Here are 7 ways to perk up your yard.
  • Plant ornamental grasses

    Flower beds look bare, even into spring, when foliage dies back in the winter. To add contrast and vertical structure to your garden, plant grasses in the back of borders. They should stand tall throughout the winter months.

  • Add life by attracting wildlife

    Hang bird feeders in trees, or provide an open water source (warm it with a birdbath heater).

  • Include colorful plants

    Try holly, winterberry or some crab apple trees (such as those pictured at left) that hold their berries into winter. The berries not only add color; they're another draw for wildlife.

  • Think texture

    The dark branches of redtwig dogwood or ninebark shrubs stand out against snow. Tree bark, such as the torn-paper look of birch (left) or coarse burr oak, adds interest, too.

  • Enjoy bare branches

    Bare tree branches look sculptural. Plus, sunlight passing through them creates dappled shadows.

  • Add structures

    Tall structures such as fences, arbors and trellises offer architectural interest. Benches, birdbaths or gazing balls also add beauty to a winter vista.

  • Go evergreen

    Evergreens and shrubs maintain winter appeal, provide year-round privacy and attract wildlife.

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