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How to Use Mirrors in Your Garden

Just as they do indoors, mirrors enhance outdoor spaces by increasing the sense of space, reflecting light and drawing eyes toward focal points.

Suitable frame

Mirror fills the elegant lines of this old window to bounce natural  light around a porch.

Suitable frame

Mirror fills the elegant lines of this old window to bounce natural  light around a porch.

Spot of color

Hung on an outside wall, this boldly colored mirror injects fun while reflecting greenery. Get greenery even where it won't grow by hanging a mirror in sightline of plants. 

Fill a wall

Even with vines twining over it, this privacy fence would be a dark blot without the big mirror. The circular shape also breaks up the lines of the fence.   

Punctuate the look

A mirror is an exclamation point above lush flowerbeds. The mirror also brightens what would be a darker part of the bed. 

Double the impact

Mirrors double the impact of statement pieces like this. The red frame means there is no overlooking it. 

Decorative touch

The elegant lines of this mirror echo the classic styling of the urn and shrubs. A graceful arch of greenery frames the composition.

Tiny touch

Just a small rectangle of light-reflecting surface area adds the right level of brightness amid the jumble of fun pieces. Its colorful frame suits the mood, too.

Shadow stunner

Placed at the back of an arbor, the mirror keeps the statue from being hidden in the recesses of a shadows.

Inside styling

Just as you would hang art above an indoor fireplace, do so outside. Here, the mirror and its ornate frame work as art. 

Breathing room

When placed so they reflect calm, mirrors provide a visual break. Here, it's quiet among a mishmash of art, but it would do the same in a profusion of plants. 

Artistic element

The porthole effect of this mirror is secondary to the graphic nature of its impact. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so choose one that fits your garden style while wowing viewers.

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