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Great Garden Gate Ideas

Sure, a garden gate marks the entrance to your property but it also signals what's beyond. Set the tone with one that reflects your style.

Preserving vistas

Simple geometry keeps eyes where they should be—the long view—and reflects the neat rows and orderly growth.   

Headboard gate

An antique wood headboard, trimmed to fit, becomes a gate between the front and back yards.

Ornamental insert

The tree-shape insert in this wood gate allows peeks and breaks up the solidness of the gate.

Pure romance

Roses billow over a classic gate and arbor for a look that is pure romance. Note how the gate curves down, as a mirrior image of the arbor to create a full circle, which draws the eye inward.

Ageless combo

White pickets stand out brightly against moss-covered stones for a combination that  is graceful and sturdy.

Enveloped in green

An old iron gate can barely be seen among the lush growth at this garden entrance.

Preserving vistas

Simple geometry keeps eyes where they should be—the long view—and reflects the neat rows and orderly growth.   

Old-fashioned air

Classic form gets a finishing touch from a floral wreath. The message clearly states that an old-fashioned garden awaits.

Oriental touch

Caps on fence posts hint at the style of Japanese rooflines. Though tall, the thinness of the boards of the gate keep it from dominating the serene space.

Big, bold beauty

From the bright blue and red color scheme to the gold adornment in its center, this gate will wow everyone.

Hospitality rules

The pineapple has long been a symbol of hospitality. So guests grabbing the round handle know they are welcome in this garden.

Notable lines

Curls and points on this rusty gate hint at a Victorian theme.

Standing out

Though wood and metal are heavy building materials, the architecture keeps the look airy. Because there's only a living wall of plants as fence, this gate stands out as the only hardscaping. 

Solid nature

The arch top of the gate echoes the curving line of the wall, mitigating the solid nature of both these matierals. 

Farm style

Wide boards and basic structure make for a practical country look.

Mix and match

There is a lot going on in this design: ironwork on top of a beam with trimmed ends, white posts holding lantern-style lights, vine-covered stone pillars, and a solid wood three-quarter height gate. But it just goes to show that complicated can be tasteful.  

Trim works

Elaborate trim attached to a wood fence calls to mind European styling. Castle or church doors perhaps?

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