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19 Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

Try Mason jars, floating candles, salvaged materials and more for stylish outdoor lighting.

Pathway beacons

Path lights direct beams where guests need it. The tulip glass on this fits right in amid a flowerbed. 

Floral fantasy

Candles and flowers add romance to any garden event. (Use battery-powered candles if wind is a bother or fire is a concern.) Hang a chandelier like this up in a tree or from hardscaping.

Salvaged statement

A large piece of architectural salvage still works hard as a light when strung with twinkle lights. The contrast between big and bitty makes for a charming look.

Raised lighting

Floating candles offer illumination for an evening garden party. A raised, galvanized tub overflows with delicate flowers; inside, a smaller tub holds the floating candles.

Bold looks

The teardrop-shape white light sitting on the deck injects a mod look in this bold setting. 

Video: How to make a garden chandelier

Create a unique garden chandelier using a shallow tray, canning jars, votive candles, moss, a flowerpot, rope, chain and birdseed.

Tiny delights

Lighting creates mood, so make sure the kind you choose matches yours. Candles floating among flowers is pure romance. 


An outdoor living room takes on the look of indoor spaces when you use furniture and accessories that echo interior styling.

Warm scene

Hurricane-style lanterns warm the look in this fall setting. They come in many styles, making it simple to find one to fit your look.

Cheery touch

Oversize candle holders hung between striped curtains make for a bright and cheery look on a porch.

Pathway beacons

Path lights direct beams where guests need it. The tulip glass on this fits right in amid a flowerbed. 

Bubbly mood

Path lights can even seem to bubble with enthusiasm.

Amber tones

Tea lights flicker in votives placed in holes left by long-gone lights in this chandelier.

Touch of tapers

Hang a chandelier on your porch for a shabby-chic style. Graceful tapers will cast a gentle glow when lit at night. (Use battery-power tapers for safety.)

Hanging around

Paper lanterns come in a range of colors, sizes and shapes—some are even solar powered. Choose ones that match your outdoor furniture. Hung on plant hangers in the garden bed, these will create a cocoon of light around the seating area.

Twisty twines

Wind strings of lights of various sizes and shapes around plant supports, a trellis, a pergola or the like for a whimsical touch. 

Pretty pendants

Streamlined looks still work hard. Focus light where you need it by hanging pendants.

Twice as good

Ceiling fans hung on porches stir air on summer days and pool light over seating or eating areas on summer nights.

Classic statement

A version of an old-fashioned street light identifies your home, acts like a beacon and lights the pathway.

Holiday cheer

Wrapping holiday lights around planters can be a seasonal touch or a year-round spirit brightener. 

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