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My Old Kentucky Home

Dace Stubbs bought a 200-year-old cabin to restore, discovering only later that she'd purchased a piece of her family's history.


The kitchen's shelves and plate racks
match the cabin's period style
and display Dace's yellowware.
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My Old Kentucky Home


DACE STUBBS NEVER COMPLAINS about the spotty cell phone reception at her 1,100-acre Bedford, Kentucky, farm (near the Indiana border). She'd rather her thoughts were interrupted by trilling songbirds or rustling wheat fields than a ringtone any day. "We love our solitude," says Dace, who shares the property's 200-year-old restored log home with her husband, King. "There's nothing like the rolling hills and the woods. There are incredibly gorgeous limestone gorges, wonderful trees, wildflowers and lots of green, green, green. This is a place for the soul."

Something stirred deep within her the moment she saw this two-story log house 14 years ago. Perhaps it was the unique opportunity to restore an early American house that had been vacant and neglected for 40 years. Perhaps it was the thrill of seeing first-growth poplar logs that stretch a full 56 feet across the house and measure as much as 30 inches deep.

Or perhaps it was that Dace had unknowingly bought a piece of her own family's history.

The property, part of an 8,000-acre land grant made to the prominent John Howard in the 1780s, is the subject of several books. When Dace sat down to read one, "I opened up to page five to the genealogy chart, and it went straight to my grandmother." She realized she was now living on her ancestors' land. "It was meant to be."

The renovation's goal was modernizing the 1,400-square-foot home while preserving its primitive charm. Some local historians believe this was the main plantation house due in part to its excellent craftsmanship and the first floor's unusually tall 11-foot ceilings. The logs were rechinked, the fireplaces rebuilt and the original doors, trim and chestnut floors refinished. An addition that includes a master bedroom, mudroom and screen porch was built at the back of the house.


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