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City Style Showhouse - Browncamp Lofts

Downtown living is catching on across the Midwest, and our showhouse loft displays innovative uses of color, light and personal style.


Wide paint stripes in the entry point the way to the living room.
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Living Area

Converting old commercial buildings to residences usually involves design challenges such as softening the hard visual lines of brick and metal and distributing limited light from windows on the one exterior wall. Seeking to shape the industrial space into a softer, more comfortable environment, we painted brick walls and installed drywall. To help increase what light we had, we chose a reflective color scheme of soft white and pale aqua Benjamin Moore paint.

Our loft provided almost 1,700 square feet, but its linear shape made it feel smaller. Tall ceilings, cutouts between rooms, and mirrored walls helped expand it visually. A dropleaf oval table in the dining area off the kitchen accommodates two-person dining, buffet spreads or larger sit-down dinners. Classic furnishings from the Milling Road Collection by Baker carry out the sophisticated city look we envisioned.



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