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City Style Showhouse - Browncamp Lofts

Downtown living is catching on across the Midwest, and our showhouse loft displays innovative uses of color, light and personal style.
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City Style Showhouse


Maybe you're not a budding actor or a starving artist, but downtown loft living still may suit your style more than you think. Developers around the Midwest are snapping up old buildings near restaurants, theaters and other attractions and turning them into upscale residences that draw young couples, single professionals and empty nesters. Even among dedicated suburban dwellers, loft style is driving many looks in decorating and design.

Responding to this trend, Midwest Living joined other magazines published by our parent company, Meredith Corporation, to rehab six loft units in a riverside warehouse in our hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. Designers tailored each loft for a different life stage, and we created our tri-level space to suit active empty nesters starting a new life downtown. But the ideas it contains for using light, space and color can inspire anyone seeking a sleek new look. Come inside.


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