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How to Plant a Cottage Garden in a Pot

A colorful cottage garden in a big container will thrive throughout the summer.
  • Container garden

    Plant a pot with some of our favorite flowers and herbs, or simply use what’s available in your garden. Click or tap ahead for step-by-step instructions.

  • Step 1: Gather materials

    Start with large plants that will fill the pot and look great as soon as they’re planted. 'Tiger Eye' Rudbeckia, bright Gomphrena, Dragon Wing begonias, variegated oregano and a rosemary plant will fit into a 19-inch pot.

  • Step 2: Prep container and plants

    Fill the container with potting mix to a couple of inches below the rim. As you remove each plant from the grower’s pot, gently tease out the roots. Before planting, we recommend dunking the root ball in a bucket of water to make it more malleable.

  • Step 3: Add plants

    Next, place the tallest plant at the back of the pot, in this case the Rudbeckia. We worked from back to front, adding the begonias on either side of the Rudbeckia and the rosemary in the center.

  • Step 4: Finish arrangement

    To complete your cottage garden, tuck the Gomphrena and variegated oregano into the front of the pot. Water well and enjoy your colorful new creation.

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