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18 Bright and Beautiful Window Box Planters

A window box adds living personality to your home. Sun or shade, there is a combo that will suit your setting and style.

Cheery trio

Yellow petunias mingle with spikes of grass and a variegated trailer in a window box decorated in lattice matching that used on this porch.

Bold beauty

The rich shades of coleus make a statement next to spots of bright color from blooms. From left: coleus 'Stained Glassworks Copper', Lantana 'Dallas Red', beargrass, coleus 'True Red', coleus 'Stained Glassworks Big Blond' and licorice vine.

Old-fashioned appeal

Variegated trailers dangle over the edge of this box filled to brimming with cottage favorites including hibiscus, impatiens, pansies and periwinkle. 

Red, white & nearly blue

Plant petunias in red, white and the bluest-looking purple you can find for a star-spangled scene in a red, white or blue container. Arrange plants in rows for stripes of color. Let vinca vines cascade over the edges. Grow this box in full sun.

Pastel pleasures

For a light, delicate look, plant pink ‘Wave’ petunias and blue lobelia in front of silver ‘Icicle’ helichrysum. Vinca vine trails over the ivory-color box. Set in full sun.

Airy look

Two white pots and three window boxes in coordinating colors line a sunny shelf. Fill with plants with ferny leaves, such as daisies or coreopsis, for an airy look.

On the shady side

For a spot of color in a shady setting, make groupings of coordinating colors of impatiens, such as pink and burgundy. Boston ferns separate the groups. Vinca trails over the cool green box.

Springy statement

Tulips and pansies combine in a simple, bright spring window box arrangement.

Cheery trio

Yellow petunias mingle with spikes of grass and a variegated trailer in a window box decorated in lattice matching that used on this porch.

Awesome autumn

Fresh and dried flowers make for a bountiful fall look. Oversize cabbages and hydrangea blossoms anchor an arrangement that has branches twisting out in fun swirls.

Serene scene

At a woodsy retreat, this subdued collection of petunias and other plants fills a craftsman-style box.

Shady simplicity

Sweet potato vine and some coleus thrive in this shady setting and coordinate with the wood colors of this log cabin.

Landscape tie-in

The two mums in this window box echo the ones in the ground. A big bow secures dried corn for extra fall mood.

Coordinated effect

Window boxes, planters and foundation plantings all work together here for a unified look.

Bold colors

Bright purple petunias are the quietest part of this arrangement. Almost-neon green sweet potato vine billows out in a bold statement. Three artsy planter stakes provide exclamation points to the energetic look.

Modern monochrome

A single plant repeated makes a modern statement, as do these deep-red geraniums.

Dormer appeal

Impatiens 'Dazzler Red' and 'Dazzler Pink' offer a pretty mix of high-up color in this dormer window box.

Double delight

Matching window boxes further unite a pair of windows. Bright blue shutters call for plantings of brilliant blooms. 

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