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From our farm to your table

Want to know more about where your milk and other dairy products come from? Meet the families behind the foods you eat—and find some great recipes, too.

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evbetsynancy03 wrote:
So do I Souffles ( whites ),for casseroles and sometimes with egg yolks into the sauces too ! Batters in fried foods !
swede51 wrote:
I love eggs, we had chickens when I grew up, 100 every spring. Farm fresh are the best!!
couponqueen611 wrote:
brings back childhood memories, when we ate fresh eggs from our own chickens and we new what they were fed!
chapplela wrote:
I like to have an egg sandwich for dinner every now and than.
the_big_rigger4 wrote:
I have eate eggs in many different ways and this sweepstakes could help me get out of debt.
crichton1 wrote:
From Midwest Living: Our sweeps link is: If you have trouble entering, please email; it is much easier for us to help you if we can reply to you via e-mail (we are not able to do that with comments).
doretta5 wrote:
I will only eat the eggs of free range chickens--good eating each morning
laurienemeth wrote:
we use so many eggs.. fritatas, baking, omletes, scrambled, pancakes
annknapp57 wrote:
I brought an egg salad sandwich for lunch today
buffy77 wrote:
you can beat an egg...eggs make everything taste better
elowe14066 wrote:
Egg sandwiches and deviled eggs would be great.
616aceformom wrote:
been trying to get my hubby to build a hen house. We live in the city and we can have 5 chickens. So far no avail :(
jjchur wrote:
Yea! Someone got the turkey out of the hen house and now we can enter the contest!! I use our Amish neighbors eggs..with ORANGE yolks that stand up in the skillet! Not the pale yellow ones that break and run that you get from mass marketers. I love quiche, omlets, the grandkids love french toast. Thank & Bless you!
jjchur wrote:
Jennifer, I saw a large red plaque behind your family @ the hard, but not harder than you work, smile,..ect, where did you find it? I'd like to get one for my daughter's kitchen...and all of the Grandchildren!!lol. Many blessings, Nanny
annknapp57 wrote:
I like breakfast for dinner sometimes bacon and eggs
annknapp57 wrote:
Thinking ahead to Memorial Day, guess I will bring the deviled eggs
nancyboutain wrote: wrote: I love eggs in potaoes salad and deviled eggs
godmother582001... wrote:
I live by myself now and like some of the other commenters I too like some eggs, bacon, and, fried potatoes for dinner sometimes to break the monotony. I love deviled eggs, and whenever I want to make sure I use up my eggs before they go bad, I boil them. If they are boiled I never have a problem grabbing one with a salt shaker now and then for a quick snack.
mohlers1 wrote:
farm fresh--from "free range" chickens and ducks are the best
annknapp57 wrote:
It's almost Memorial Day, potatoe salad, macaroni salad, all witih eggs
annknapp57 wrote:
I use alot of eggs especially when holiday baking
skieeiks1 wrote:
I eat 6 eggs a day, scrambled with hotsauce, lost 30 pounds and counting.
allenrodney wrote: Simple prep, any time of day!
sweepsvegas669974 wrote:
I love "deviled eggs" !!! Maybe I like them because I have a little bit of "devil" in me!!!
blueirisfg wrote:
Eggs benedict is my favorite we have it every Christmas for bunch
annknapp57 wrote:
loved soft boiled eggs as a child, haven't had those in quite a while, will have to make them soon
grotte132 wrote:
The doctor at the VA hospital told me to cut way back on eggs but with the high cholesterol pills he ordered for me I figure I can cheat some. I love sausage, egg, cheese, and hash brown wraps.

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