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The State Fair Foods of Our Dreams

Two of the biggest state fairs in the country just revealed their newest offerings of deep-fried, bacon-wrapped and sugary goodness. Here's what we're loosening our belts for this year.

Iowa and Minnesota just gave the world a tantalizing peek at the newest masterpieces they'll be serving at their state fairs this year. We're now daydreaming about deep-fried waffles (served on a stick, of course) and a tower of beer-battered fries smothered in cheese and shredded pork. Here are some of the mouth-watering creations we can't wait to try.

Minnesota State Fair (August 24-September 4)

Triple Truffle Trotters We're willing to forgive Minnesota for giving this newcomer a tongue-twister of a name—as long as we get a taste of the bacon-laced waffle fries topped with peppers and black diamond truffle oil mayo.

Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Bacon Up Pup A Belgian waffle on a stick topped with chocolate, maple syrup, whipped cream and bacon. And yes, of course there's bacon in the waffle batter. Why do you ask?

Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Italian Bomba Sandwich Maybe it's cheesy to say this sandwich is the bomb, but we stand by it. Seriously, just look at that beer-braised pork shoulder covered with prosciutto cotto ham, fontina cheese and giardiniera, all piled on a toasty ciabatta bun.

Italian Bomba Sandwich

Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Bacon Fluffernutter How does one make a sandwich with bacon, peanut butter and marshmallow filling even better? Use grilled cinnamon buns for the bread.

Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Sonoran Sausage The state fair is calling this one. bad. dog. But we don't see what's so bad about a Tex-Mex sausage stuffed with pepperjack cheese and wrapped in bacon. Oh, and don't forget the layer of fresh corn salsa and avocado ranch sauce.

Sonoran Sausage

Courtesy of Minnesota State Fair

Iowa State Fair (August 10-20)

Pork Almighty Iowa's state fair may have solved the eternal hands-full-of-food problem. A soft drink in a sturdy cup foms the base of this tower, and a bowl filled with beer-battered twister fries, queso, shredded pork, peppers and onions perches on the lid with the straw poking conveniently through the pile of deliciousness.

Pork Almighty

Courtesy of Iowa State Fair

Bauder Mud A dessert that requires both straw and spoon is a worthy choice. This one has cream cheese brownie chunks swimming in a chocolate shake and topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Finishing it off may be a two-person job.

Courtesy of Iowa State Fair

Cheesy Fried Enchilada Funnel Cake Our favorite fried dessert gets a savory update in this enchilada-spiced creation. The insane geniuses creating state fair foods deep fry the corn meal batter and top it with queso and chorizo.

Enchilada Funnel Cake

Courtesy of Iowa State Fair

Apple Taco We've always believed most anything would make a good taco. The Apple Taco puts that theory to the test. We think the deep-fried tortilla filled with cinnamon-spiced Granny Smith apples and topped with whipped cream and caramel passes with flying colors.

Apple Taco

Courtesy of Iowa State Fair

Iowa's Big Pork Leg It wouldn't be the Iowa State Fair without a giant helping of Iowa-raised pork. This smoked shank is flavored by a sweet Caribbean seasoning. 

Iowa Big Pork Leg

Courtesy of Iowa State Fair


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