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7 Irresistible Italian Recipes

St. Louis' Italian restaurants serve up a tantalizing array of favorites such as meatballs, ravioli and tiramisu.

Bartolino's Meatballs

Serve these meatballs with sauce over pasta or in a hoagie bun. We like them with the Marinara Sauce, both from Bartolino's restaurant in St. Louis.

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The Original Toasted Ravioli

From Charlie Gitto's on the Hill (St. Louis) comes the famous fried ravioli recipe. We substituted frozen ravioli for the homemade they use at the restaurant. For extra-easy cooking, serve with a purchased marinara sauce.

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Chicken Spiedini

Zia's restaurant on the Hill uses provel in this grilled chicken dish. It's a cheese made in the neighborhood that tastes like a blend of cheddar, Swiss and provolone.

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Zuppa Inglese

This is the Italian version of a trifle from LoRusso's Cucina. The standout dessert layers custard with a syrup, pound cake and fresh raspberries, topped off with whipped cream and chocolate curls.

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This classic dessert almost always brings a round of sighs when it's served, such as this recipe from Gian-Tony's on the Hill. Our test kitchen decided the liqueurs could be omitted if necessary, but we liked the flavor they added. Or use just one flavor of liqueur in place of the others.

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Linguini with Shrimp and Pine Nuts

Dry sherry flavors the broth, and the crushed red pepper adds a tiny bite to this pasta dish from Bartolino's.

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Salsiccia Bread

Salsiccia is Italian for "sausage," and it's a tasty part of the filling in this recipe from Di Gregorio Imported Foods, which also sells the salsiccia. The mixture makes an interesting spiraling swirl down the middle of the bread.

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