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Try 9 Unusual Noodles

Jazz up your pasta dishes with some distinctive noodle options.

Thin Rice Noodle

Sometimes called rice vermicelli or thin rice sticks, this Asian-style noodle brings texture to soups.


Mafalda Pasta

For a different look, use this pasta that resembles a narrow lasagna noodle. Try it broken or whole, topped with sauce or in casseroles.

Curly Noodle

This ramen-style noodle cooks quickly. It's perfect for use in soups that go together fast.


Coming in lengths from short to long, this spiral-shaped curly noodle gives interesting shape to recipes.

Soba Noodle

This Japanese buckwheat noodle stays a brownish-gray color when cooked. It's good with stir fries.

Egg Noodle Nests

Here's an easy-to- measure form of pasta. Use it where any thin pasta is called for.

Rice Sticks

Made from rice flour, this sturdier, wider version of the Asian-style noodle works well for stir-fries.

Organic Pasta

If you're into organics, look for this option in supermarkets. It cooks and tastes just like regular pasta.


Substitute spinach, whole-wheat or regular linguine for spaghetti in recipes for a different color and shape.

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