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Summer Dairy Treats

Enjoy ice cream, milk shakes, frozen yogurt and more in our delicious summer treat recipes.
  • Mocha Floats

    Mocha Floats

    The coffee-chocolate blend in this drink is refreshingly cool, especially when topped with scoops of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The amounts we give will make about 10 individual floats.

    Mocha Floats

  • Peach Ice Cream

    Peach Ice Cream

    A combination of pureed and chopped peaches gives this ice cream nice color and fruit flecks. Be sure to use half-and-half or light cream; if you substitute whole milk, the mixture will be icier.

    Peach Ice Cream 

  • Choose-a-Fruit Fools

    Choose-a-Fruit Fools

    No one knows how fools (a centuries-old blend of whipped cream and fruit) got their playful name. Maybe it's because, with just 4 ingredients, you'd be foolish not to make one!

    Choose-a-Fruit Fools 

  • S'more Outrageous Chocolate Milk Shakes

    A cascade of chocolate syrup drizzled inside the glass adds drama to a chocolate chip cookie dough shake crowned with crushed grahams, mini chocolate chips and marshmallows.

    S'more Outrageous Chocolate Milk Shakes

  • Ice Cream Cookie Cake

    We created Ice Cream Cookie Cake in honor of Indiana, the top ice cream-producing state in the Midwest. You can mix and match cookies and ice cream to make this frosty, no-bake treat that's also an easy make-ahead dessert.

    Ice Cream Cookie Cake

  • Ice Cream Sandwich Sundaes

    Make-Ahead Ice Cream Sandwich Sundaes

    You can make the ice cream sandwiches up to a week before you serve them; just freeze the sandwiches in an airtight container. When it's time to eat, just take a few minutes to heat up the sauce for this treat.

    Ice Cream Sandwich Sundaes

  • Summer Breeze Lime Pie

    Summer Breeze Lime Pie

    A triple dose of lime—zest, juice and curd—gives this dreamy pie its refreshing flavor. The pretzel crust adds unexpected salty punch.

    Summer Breeze Lime Pie

  • Honey-Berry Yogurt Frozen Yogurt Sundaes

    Honey-Berry Yogurt Frozen Yogurt Sundaes

    Fresh raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or blueberries star in our Honey-Berry Frozen Yogurt Sundaes, which take only 15 minutes to make from start to finish.

    Honey-Berry Yogurt Frozen Yogurt Sundaes

  • Triple Chocolate Ice Cream Cake recipe

    Triple-Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

    Layer ice cream with a mixture of cookie crumbs, chocolate pieces and pecans to make this striped frozen dessert. 

    Triple-Chocolate Ice Cream Cake recipe


  • Easy Ice Cream Waffle Sundaes

    Ice Cream Waffle Sundaes

    This treat, which starts with giant waffle ice cream cones, is easy to make but impressive served. It's a sweet ending for any special dinner.

    Ice Cream Waffle Sundaes

  • Berry Trifle

    Berry Trifle

    Mix buttery pound cake, creamy vanilla pudding, soft cream cheese, and fresh berries for a rich comfort-food dessert. To trim calories, try making it with angel food cake, fat-free pudding, and low-fat or fat-free cream cheese.

    Berry Trifle

  • Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Sundae Cake

    Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Sundae Cake

    Several states claim to be the birthplace of the ice cream sundae. Since the Buckeye State makes a good case, we created the Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Sundae Cake as a tribute to Ohio. Four layers of baked white cake get sandwiched in ice cream layers in favorite sundae flavors: strawberry, pineapple and chocolate-banana. A whipped topping frosting crowns the cherry-topped dessert.

    Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Sundae Cake

  • Caribbean Milk Shake

    Caribbean Milk Shake

    Think of this recipe as a flexible formula for making boozy, fruity milk shakes. Substitute black raspberry or peach cooler, or make with lime sherbet and lime wine cooler.

    Caribbean Milk Shake

  • Berries Romanoff

    This easy recipe makes a refreshing dessert--perfect for a brunch. Prepare the sour-cream sauce the day before your party, then just layer the sauce and fruit in parfait glasses before serving.

    Berries Romanoff

  • Quick and Easy Dessert Recipes—Cherry Berry Smoothie

    Cherry-Berry Smoothie

    This quick-and-easy blender drink, from the Michigan Cherry Committee, combines cherries, milk, yogurt, blueberries or raspberries, juice concentrate, honey and vanilla.

    Cherry-Berry Smoothie

  • Apricot-Cheesecake Frozen Pops

    Blend canned apricots or peaches with yogurt, honey, lemon juice, and crushed shortbread cookies for a homemade Popsicle treat.

    Cool tip If you don't use actual Popsicle molds, freeze pops in silicone muffin cups; their soft sides make it easy to remove the treat. If metal muffin cups are all you have, line them with paper bake cups before spooning in the mixture and adding the sticks.

    Apricot-Cheesecake Frozen Pops

  • Peach Breakfast Parfaits

    Peach Breakfast Parfaits

    "This very simple fruit dish goes over big," says Mary Jo Smith, describing this parfait from Hidden Lake Bed and Breakfast in Jonesboro, Illinois. Mary Jo serves it in sundae glasses with a swirl of yogurt on top. For a variation, add raspberries to the peaches.

    Peach Breakfast Parfaits

  • Raspberry Custard Brulee

    Layers of raspberries and custard sauce topped with lacy caramelized sugar form this elegant yet easy-to-make dessert.

    Raspberry Custard Brulee

  • Blueberry Ice Cream

    Blueberry ice cream is just one of the attractions that draw people to the Blueberry/Art Festival held each year in Ely, Minnesota. Here's our version.

    Blueberry Ice Cream

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