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Insanely Good Midwest Doughnuts

June 2 is National Doughnut Day, but these Midwestern shops celebrate the drool-worthy treat all year long. The photos alone will have you dashing to the nearest doughnut store!

Leah Hyman will be busy on June 2. The co-owner of Varsity Doughnuts plans to give each customer a free classic treat to celebrate National Doughnut Day. That means several hundred extra pounds of dough and multiple runs to the deep-fryer, but she doesn't mind. "It's a really fun day for us because we love doughnuts," she says. "But it's also a way to thank the community for supporting us and letting us do what we love all year long."

Leah may not realize it, but she just elevated pastry consumption into a good deed. Eating doughnuts doesn't just make our bellies happy; it makes the doughnut-makers happy, too. And we're all too happy to help spread that joy. Celebrate National Doughnut Day at one of these shops that Midwest Living writers love—or at your own favorite store. Then keep celebrating all year long.

Varsity Donuts | Manhattan, Kansas

Take a spin on a vintage tandem bicycle at this Aggieville shop; it’s the perfect way to make room for more doughnuts, like the little breakfast buddy below.


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Bogart’s Doughnut Co. | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bogart’s dough sets these treats apart. The egg-and-butter brioche dough is extra-rich and perfect for gourmet flavors, like a honeycomb-with-dark-chocolate-glaze creation.


Cops & Doughnuts | Clare, Michigan

Nine policemen bought the historic Clare City Bakery when it nearly closed in 2009. Since then, they’ve been churning out masterpieces like “The Squealer,” a Long John with maple glaze and two strips of bacon.


The Donut Whole | Wichita, Kansas

Stop by The Donut Whole for locally roasted coffee, live music, and 40-plus varieties of cake doughnuts. Each week, the team invents specialties like the Tiramisu Whoopie Pie below.


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Do-Rite Donuts and Coffee | Chicago

With stunning vanilla bean-glazed old-fashioned doughnuts, Do-Rite Donuts can do no wrong.


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Hurts Donuts | multiple locations

Hurts was founded in Springfield, Missouri and now has locations in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and more. Pick any doughnut, like this peanut butter cup version, and have it made into a milkshake. Admit it, you swooned. Hurts Donuts on Facebook


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Doughnut Vault | Chicago

The menu changes daily at the Doughnut Vault, which has two Chicago locations and a “Vault Van.” Arrive early to snag a handmade pastry; the shop closes when doughnuts run out.


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Gurnee Donuts | Gurnee, Illinois

It’s the little doughnut shop that could; a 2014 fire temporarily closed their doors, but loyal fans and an Internet fundraising campaign got them back to making gorgeous red velvet doughnuts in less than a year.


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Angel Food Bakery and Coffee | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The bakery cousin to popular Minneapolis restaurant Hell’s Kitchen earns its name with heavenly desserts like these Coffee-Toffee donuts.


Dough Baby Bakery | Madison, Wisconsin

Every delectable treat at Dough Baby is made with organic, local ingredients. Farmers market fruits find their way into jelly-filled doughnuts and glazes, like the raspberry drizzle below.

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