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Two-for-One Recipes

Our two-for-one recipes cut the prep on delicious weeknight meals. Make Meal 1, stash half, add a few ingredients the next night and—shazam!—you’ve got Meal 2.
  • Meal 1: Healthy veggie chili

    You’ll never miss the meat in this hearty supper that’s ready in an hour. Two kinds of beans pack in protein, and the secret ingredients (chocolate chips and chipotle peppers) add richness and smoke. Top with tortilla strips, and serve fresh fruit for dessert.

    Chipotle Black Bean Chili 

    Fresh Fruit Compote

  • Meal 2: Cheesy Mexican casserole

    Our south-of-the-border twist on lasagna is easier than uno, dos, tres. Mix frozen corn and grated cheese with yesterday’s chili, then layer in a baking dish with tortillas and bottled green salsa. We even dreamed up a clever second life for the fruit compote: Freeze it with Greek yogurt in muffin cups for a sweet and icy treat.

    Time-saver: To save the enchilada project for another week, freeze the chili alongside the fruit cups. (For a really easy meal, just defrost, reheat and eat the chili again!)

    Stacked Black Bean Enchilada Pie


  • Meal 1: Meat and potatoes

    White wine-based marinade infuses garlic- and fennel-studded pork loin with big flavor. While it roasts, make your favorite mashed potatoes and stir up the batter for pimiento-flecked corn bread muffins. (They start with boxed mix.) When the pork comes out, turn up the oven and slide in the muffins. As they bake, prepare an herby wine sauce, steam some broccoli and, finally, slice the roast. Dinner is served.

    Wine-Marinated Pork Roast 

    Pimiento Corn Muffins 


  • Meal 2: Simple salad supper

    In just 30 minutes, turn Meal 1's hearty roast into a light, Asian-inspired salad. Toss sliced pork with bottled ginger-sesame dressing, then serve over salad greens and cucumber with croutons made from last night’s corn muffins. Genius!

    Time-saver: Trade the cucumber for broccoli. When you prepare Meal 1, pull a few florets out of the steamer before they fully cook, rinse with cold water, then store for your salad.

    Thai-Style Salad

  • Meal 1: Cozy weekend classic

    Welcome fall with an aromatic roast chicken. We brushed the skin with lemon juice, thyme and olive oil and added artichoke hearts to the classic bed of carrots and onion. Rice cooked in chicken broth makes an easy, savory side. And the crowning touch? Honey-mustard pan sauce. Slurp.

    Time-Saver: When you clean up after Meal 1, take 5 minutes to chop the remaining meat. You’ll be thankful that task is done when you whip up Meal 2 the next day.

    Lemon-Thyme Roast Chicken with Artichokes

    Herbed Brown Rice




  • Meal 2: Weeknight stew

    Yesterday’s Mediterranean-inspired roast chicken takes a turn for New Orleans and finds new life as a quick chicken gumbo. Simmer chopped leftover chicken with frozen veggies and pantry staples. Serve over reheated rice alongside crusty French bread for soaking up the spicy red sauce.

    Easy Chicken Gumbo

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