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Throwback Thursday Recipes

Take a trip back in time with us as we revisit popular recipes published since Midwest Living's founding in 1987. Check back frequently for new slides!
  • Heartland potlucks

    The three reader recipes featured on the opening of "Heartland Potlucks" in the February 1995 Midwest Living remain favorites today: Pizza in a Bowl, Cherry-Brickle Coffee Cake and Oriental Coleslaw. The coleslaw has a newer photo on our website, but it's the same recipe we published in 1995.

    Pizza in a Bowl recipe

    Cherry-Brickle Coffee Cake recipe

    Oriental Coleslaw recipe 



  • Maple syrup recipes

    Our very first issue—April 1987—included a story on Midwest maple syrup producers and included three maple recipes: Maple-Nut Pie, Chewy Maple Drizzle (which calls for "finely crushed ice or clean snow"!) and Maple Frango. These recipes haven't been back through our Test Kitchen since they were first published, but we think they still look great! If you try one, let us know how it turns out.

    See the recipes

  • Palmer House Carrot Cake

    Palmer House Carrot Cake

    In our April 1997 issue, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Midwest Living with a collection of readers' favorite recipes. Among them: Palmer House Carrot Cake, which we described as a "statuesque cake" that "brought raves from staff and readers."

    Palmer House Carrot Cake

  • Double-Cherry Supreme Pie

    Double-Cherry Supreme Pie

    The cover of our July/August 1996 issue featured this gorgeous Double-Cherry Supreme Pie, which combines fresh (or frozen) cherries with dried, tart cherries for a classic Midwest pie.

    Double-Cherry Supreme Pie


  • Blue-Ribbon Angel Food Cake

    This angel food cake, based on a family recipe, won a blue ribbon at Ohio's Canfield Fair. A Midwest classic, it was featured in our August 1995 issue.

    Blue-Ribbon Angel Food Cake


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