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Confession: I went to the Flint Hills and dropped lit matches all across the prairie. The low, dry grasses caught fire, and boy, did they burn. Thanks to the Flames in the Flint Hills Festival, held each April on the Flying W Ranch outside Strong City, Kansas, more than 250 participants joined me in lighting up the prairie–with the blessing of the local ranchers. Josh, Gwen and Josie... More
My mom loved the the flourish of blooms that herald spring. Every year, the minute her magnolia bush flowered, I got a call. She would ooh and aah over the sculptural soft pink flowers and sweet scent. But I don’t think she ever cut a branch to take inside and enjoy. Pity. Don’t overlook the blooming branches in your yard. A few simple cuttings bring the color... More
In the early 1900s, the definition of thrill ride was a 25-foot-tall roller coaster that reached the breakneck speed of 10 mph. Cedar Point had the thrill-seekers covered, but the park also had the priceless benefit of its location along Lake Erie. When Hugh and Helen Sullivan first visited the Sandusky, Ohio, park around 1918, they joined the throngs lounging on the... More
With the 2015 baseball season now in full swing (sorry!), it's time to ask yourself a question—where will you be watching the games this year? It's always exciting to catch a game at a Major League Baseball stadium, where you can sit in the fresh air and hear the crack of the bats and roar of the crowds. But it's even more enjoyable when the stadium offers fans more than seats... More
Crafters, prepare to get your hands dirty, because Chicago has an array of unusual classes that can teach you a skill or get you started on a new hobby. Ever wanted to make your own shoes? How about design a terrarium? Or maybe assemble the perfect macaron? Whether you're visiting or you live in Chicago, here are some of the city's fun ways to learn something new.... More
I love adding pops of spring in my home. This year I wanted to create a happy spring arrangement to welcome both our guests and the new season. I decided to do a hanging basket instead of a traditional wreath to change things up. This project was truly so simple, and it would evenbe fun to do with little ones. Here is what you’ll need: Supplies - Four faux pussy willow... More
At 6:15 a.m., I’m one of only four people along the Door Trail in Badlands National Park. I venture off the boardwalk to find a spot to sit and wait for dawn. It feels hushed and almost sacred as the sky lightens and sun slips above the horizon, throwing a coppery glaze on the park’s spires, buttes and pinnacles. If I had to pick a top way to enjoy the park, it’s sunrise... More
Looking for a fuss-free perennial that’s attractive, dependable, deer-resistant, multiseasonal and extremely long-lived? Meet baptisia—a prairie native whose beautiful spires are reminiscent of the beloved lupine, minus the maintenance. Baptisia (also called false indigo) provides showy 10- to 12-inch spikes of pealike blossoms in late spring and early summer followed by 2- to 3-inch... More
From wintry scenes to the northern lights and the bright green of the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, our Instagram photographers captured the many moods of March. The five most-liked photos of the month: 1) The Chicago River goes green for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Fun shot by @thefirstroel (https://instagram.com/p/0P7Js0Gza8/). 2) @aud5rey captures the... More
Cleveland loves a good party. Take Rock Week, for example (April 11-18). Not only does the city’s hallowed Rock Hall celebrate the big 2-0 this year, it also gets to induct Ringo Starr, Joan Jett, Green Day and other music legends into the Hall of Fame. And that's just one way to rock the city this spring. 1) Rock Week On April 11, the Rock Hall opens its doors for... More