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The 13-year-old boy made swinging from the trapeze bar set up outside St. Louis’ Union Station look easy. Through the Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center, Yair Kadan of St. Louis swung a few times—at least 25 feet above the parking lot—then dropped into the net with an easy bounce. Each time he added a new skill, including a flip dismount, hanging by his knees and the... More
Sitting on my back deck each evening, I ponder the amount of brown in my garden. Are my yews ever going to green up or am I going to have to take a hedge trimmer to the front half of the entire row? And how could my supposedly invincible Rugosa roses be half dead? I know fellow gardeners are lamenting the same look: Everywhere I drive, the evergreens are brown, and woody plants like roses and... More
The Great Lakes Aquarium, an alpine roller coaster, the region's only zoo and a children's museum are just some of the family-friendly attractions in Duluth, the North Shore's largest city. 1) Great Lakes Aquarium Ever wondered what’s below the surface of Lake Superior? Explore the species living in the Great Lakes basin through a variety of interactive exhibits. Watch... More
Our Instagram followers captured the wonder of lustrous landscapes and baby animals in the last full month of spring. The five most-liked photos for May: #1: Ohio barn by @kirby_124 (http://instagram.com/p/oqVqN-mzdg/). #2: A fawn "camouflaged in the weeds … snoozin' in the sun" in Wisconsin by @eselin_ (http://instagram.com/p/oO9e_zGzVc/). #3: Nest of... More
I’ve gone to the dark side, of plants, that is. But in the plant world, even the dark side is pretty. And rich. And dramatic. And just the punch my embarrassingly bare front porch needs this time of year. According to Dana Rizzo, horticulturist for the Missouri Botanical Garden, the industry is seeing an influx of these black, bronze, deep purple and burgundy flowers and foliage. “... More
Lying face down on a glass window jutting out 1,000 feet above Chicago’s busy streets, I give thanks that I am not afraid of heights. Of course, if I were, I wouldn’t have stepped onto the platform of the new Tilt attraction on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center. But there I stood, toes against the glass, with seven other brave souls gripping metal handles flanking the floor... More
Two nights ago, Old Mother Hubbard here went to her cupboard to fetch not a bone, but something—anything—to make a dessert for book club. No dice. Not enough butter for a piecrust. No unsweetened chocolate for brownies. A crumpled bag with about 12 hazelnuts in it. Now, any normal person would have bailed and brought a bottle of wine, but I’m the sort of frugal cook who gets a... More
1) The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium Set on a 10-acre riverfront campus, this attraction highlights the life, culture and history of America’s most iconic waterway via multimedia displays and 12 large aquariums. If you can pry the kids away from building boats at the water table in the River Works section, take in a show at the  3D/4D theater. (563) 557-9545;... More
The whirl of activity was mesmerizing as we walked into Zaharakos. We heard the thunk-thunk-thunk of old metal ice cream cases opening and closing. Servers dashed by carrying trays loaded with ice cream in old-fashioned clear glasses. In the back room, an organ piped out tunes. “Sit right here,” said our server, Wilma, pointing to two small soda fountain chairs. She... More
I'm fixated on Pinterest, particularly anything DIY focused. I even have a board titled “I want to DIY.” As much as this board's collection of projects inspires me to try DIY, I've been too concerned that I'll produce a “Pinterest fail”—a project that comically looks nothing like the goal. But I promised myself this year I would... More