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Autumn’s the obvious time to go looking for big old buildings with some kind of mystery waiting inside. Not haunted places, exactly. Just structures with a past and with high potential for letting your imagination feast on the secrets stacked behind the door. My curiosity for these places never cooled off after childhood, when books left me wishing for an afternoon in the house that held... More
For fans of thrills, chills and creepy costumes, one night is not enough Halloween. Luckily, the Midwest builds up to the holiday with events that include face painting, ghost tours and even a haunted ship. Lincoln’s Ghost Walk | Springfield, Illinois Tour guides weave facts about Abraham Lincoln’s life with tales of séances... More
As we were planning this fall's feature on college towns more than a year ago, we knew we'd capture some lovely campus photos, but we didn't imagine the sheer bounty of gorgeous shots we'd have to choose from. Photographers Bob Stefko and Greg Whitaker framed the campuses of Miami University, Indiana University and Michigan State University in unique and... More
Among getaway destinations, Traverse City is like that neighbor who not only has the gall to add athleticism to good looks, but shamelessly piles on with intelligence, charm and good taste. Really?, other towns are probably thinking. You couldn’t get by with any ONE of those?          But for travelers, TC’s embarrassment of riches provides... More
On fall weekends, the city of South Bend, Indiana, swells with legions of diehard football fans. They come to cheer on the Fighting Irish at Notre Dame and to snap photos of the university’s famous Touchdown Jesus mural. But football isn’t the only fall draw in this picturesque college town. Here are eight more reasons to visit South Bend this season. 1) South Bend... More
The golden hues of late summer—and a hint of fall—captivated our Instagram followers in September. The five most popular photos of the month: 1) "The Sunflower State showing off” at Grinter Farms near Lawrence, Kansas, by @kim_horgan (https://instagram.com/p/70DN18mzRz/).  2) A sneak preview of what’s to come: the peak of fall colors at Matthiessen... More
The most dedicated ones enter South Dakota’s Custer State Park by 3 a.m., beating sunlight into the valley by a good three hours. As the stars fade, the visitors turn up their jacket collars and lean on the wooden fence, confident of the view they’ll enjoy once the midmorning action starts. Undoubtedly, these are the same people who made hotel reservations inside the park four or five... More
In fall, the phrase "get lost" takes on a new meaning. We gladly lose ourselves on drives through lush fall foliage, on bike rides through crisp temperatures and in fields plowed into intricate imagery. Here are some of our favorite designs at Midwest corn mazes this year. These aerial views can help you plot out your path, but don't worry if you take a wrong turn. It's fall,... More
Crowds of summer tourists and the rumble of Sturgis-bound motorcycles fade as crisp autumn days arrive in southwestern South Dakota. Rapid City, the region’s hub of 70,800 residents, welcomes visitors for a culturally rich getaway with presidential monuments, Native American history and museums that trace the formation of the region's rocky landscape. This weekend marks a brief... More
Native Minnesotan J. Ryan Stradal’s new book Kitchens of the Great Midwest is hotter than a chocolate habanero pepper (which is hot enough to send certain characters in the book to the hospital). Kitchens, a novel about "one girl's farm-to-table success story, mothers and daughters, how food becomes the common language of our lives, and the bittersweet... More