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In February, sunsets and sunrises colored winter landscapes and caught the eyes of our Instagram photographers. The five most-liked photos of the month:  1) @justinrogers captures a peaceful sunset in central Iowa near Ogden. 2) Sunrise at Hollow Rock on Lake Superior in Minnesota's North Shore region by @traunfoto. 3) Sunset near McGregor, North Dakota,... More
Snow and holiday lights dazzled our Instagram fans in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The five most-liked photos of December: 1) A wintry scene in Sycamore, Illinois, by @bookbabym (https://www.instagram.com/p/_FsN_wmzco/).  2) "Winter wonderland" in Cushing, Minnesota, by @laceydobo (https://www.instagram.com/p/_PCwJumzbI/).  3) Rural sunrise near... More
Colors swirl in the summer sky above the rural landcapes captured by our Instagram followers in August. The five most popular photos of the month: 1) @kirby_124 (https://instagram.com/p/510CvcmzWi/) photographed a weathered barn in Morrow County, Ohio. "I have an absolute passion" for barns, says the photographer. "I have photographed hundreds of them, a... More
Looking for a simple weekend decorating or garden project? Here are three DIY ideas from Midwest bloggers that should take only an hour or two to complete. 1. Book planter Recycling a castoff book into an indoor planter makes for an interesting plot twist. Jennifer Zuri (town-n-country-living.com) cut a rectangle-shape pit in the pages of a book using a craft knife.... More
Is it just me, or is there a definite shift in the air come summer? Without fail, it makes me want to shake things up a bit. My white walls beg for color and texture. And as a mom to three young kiddos (and one big kid out on his own), the kick-off to summer has all of us pining for a little adventure. With that playful spirit in mind, I spent time this week tossing some unexpected fun... More
Spring blooms and peaceful lake scenes captured the imagination of our Instagram followers in April. The five most-liked photos of the month:  1) A serene sunset over Clear Lake, Wisconsin, by @ahgilly (https://instagram.com/p/18CDKKGzZP/).  2) "Beautiful garden of tulips about to burst" in Geneva, Illinois, by @michelefairall (https://instagram.com/p/1v_sSaGzQI... More
Take a cue from these Midwestern bloggers on how to decorate your home for spring. 1. Serene scene Play with color in a sweet and simple way. Cobalt glasses pop on Kelly Rinzema's (thelilypadcottage.com) all-white mantel. Vintage window frames and a chalkboard add architectural interest. Wildflowers complete the serene setting. 2. Engaging tablescape... More
My mom loved the the flourish of blooms that herald spring. Every year, the minute her magnolia bush flowered, I got a call. She would ooh and aah over the sculptural soft pink flowers and sweet scent. But I don’t think she ever cut a branch to take inside and enjoy. Pity. Don’t overlook the blooming branches in your yard. A few simple cuttings bring the color... More
I love adding pops of spring in my home. This year I wanted to create a happy spring arrangement to welcome both our guests and the new season. I decided to do a hanging basket instead of a traditional wreath to change things up. This project was truly so simple, and it would evenbe fun to do with little ones. Here is what you’ll need: Supplies - Four faux pussy willow... More
Looking for a fuss-free perennial that’s attractive, dependable, deer-resistant, multiseasonal and extremely long-lived? Meet baptisia—a prairie native whose beautiful spires are reminiscent of the beloved lupine, minus the maintenance. Baptisia (also called false indigo) provides showy 10- to 12-inch spikes of pealike blossoms in late spring and early summer followed by 2- to 3-inch... More