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From sunflowers to sunsets, our Instagram followers captured the colors of a Midwest summer last month. The five most-liked photos of July: 1) @justinrogers discovered a field of sunflowers at Badger Creek State Recreation Area near Des Moines (https://instagram.com/p/5mRmDtGzah/).  2) @pinay71 took this "Pure Michigan adventure" shot of Turnip Rock in Port... More
Lakes set the scene for some of summer's best moments: a refreshing cannonball dive, a picnic along the shoreline, an evening boat ride followed by a beach bonfire. We chose some of our favorite Instagram photos that capture the spirit of summer at the lake.  1) Playtime on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago, by @killdevilfalls. 2) Sunset... More
Surreal scenes of storm clouds, shipwrecks and moonlit streams captured the imaginations of our Instagram followers in June. The five most-liked photos of the month: 1) @littlecoal was in the right spot at the perfect time when he photographed these deer crossing the Maumee River in northwest Ohio (https://instagram.com/p/3lpTePGza_/). 2) This incredible aerial perspective of the... More
I love old barns.  They’re a way for me to feel connected to the generations before me—a window to the past. I’ve taken more than 200 photos of barns recently in my home state of North Dakota and other Midwest states. Some of my favorites: Double decker. This gem east of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, started out as a cattle sale barn and remains a working facility... More
Jill Emmer never imagined that the rainbow-color umbrella she borrowed from her mother would end up traveling the world. The Minneapolis Instagrammer known as @shineonyoucraydiamond started posting whimsical pictures with the colorful prop, and followers soon developed umbrella envy. Photo by @shineonyoucraydiamond “People started asking where I got it from,” Emmer says.... More
Is it just me, or is there a definite shift in the air come summer? Without fail, it makes me want to shake things up a bit. My white walls beg for color and texture. And as a mom to three young kiddos (and one big kid out on his own), the kick-off to summer has all of us pining for a little adventure. With that playful spirit in mind, I spent time this week tossing some unexpected fun... More
In May, our Instagram followers loved sunsets and sunrises—silhouetting barns, highlighting a field of wildflowers and lighting the way for kayakers. The five most-liked photos of the month:  1) @hawkstar84 captured the sunrise in rural Hardin County, Iowa (https://instagram.com/p/3BfgkImzTu/).  2) Another Iowa farm scene made the second spot on our list. @... More
Spring blooms and peaceful lake scenes captured the imagination of our Instagram followers in April. The five most-liked photos of the month:  1) A serene sunset over Clear Lake, Wisconsin, by @ahgilly (https://instagram.com/p/18CDKKGzZP/).  2) "Beautiful garden of tulips about to burst" in Geneva, Illinois, by @michelefairall (https://instagram.com/p/1v_sSaGzQI... More
Take a cue from these Midwestern bloggers on how to decorate your home for spring. 1. Serene scene Play with color in a sweet and simple way. Cobalt glasses pop on Kelly Rinzema's (thelilypadcottage.com) all-white mantel. Vintage window frames and a chalkboard add architectural interest. Wildflowers complete the serene setting. 2. Engaging tablescape... More
There is only one thing causing the size difference between these two clematis. Can you see what it is? Answer: The compost bin. The thriving plant was lucky enough to have my compost bin placed near it, so it has been reaping the benefits of nutrients seeping from the compost pile every day of its life. The other one gets just water out of a hose. Compost can help your... More