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If you are like me, the words Hula-Hoop make you think of kneeling down to pick a pink circle of plastic up off the grass, trying to swing it around your waist only to watch it twirl to the ground, then picking it back up again. The Hula-Hoops of my childhood were weighted down by gravity to an astounding degree. Hooping, the modern term for using a Hula-Hoop, is popping up as a... More
Before we leave the month of presidents’ birthdays, let’s ponder for one moment longer one of history’s most-pondered people: Illinois’ own Abe Lincoln. We never seem to tire of this roughhewn Midwesterner who already has countless towns named after him, his face carved into a mountain and enough books written about him to form another small mountain. In fact, the Ford... More
Even in this era of Google Reader and text alerts blasting headlines at us throughout the day, you still sometimes get your news via your parents calling on the phone to read the hometown paper aloud. So it happened a week ago when my dad called from outside Lincoln, Nebraska, and said, “Did you hear what happened to this young farmer you met who was using the horses?” Last... More
With the Olympics in Sochi underway, Americans are in the midst of their two-week obsession with sports they generally forget about for the other 1,446 days of the Olympic cycle. As you’re watching the downhill skiing in particular this time around, you should feel special pride in the Midwest’s role in the sport, at least at the recreational level. Because, although few realize... More
Our Instagrammers were inspired last month by the frozen beauty of the Midwest, especially after Arctic temperatures created almost otherworldly scenes along the Great Lakes. Here are our five most-liked Instagram photos of the month: #1: A Midwest winter wonderland scene in Minnesota by @jlfiala (http://instagram.com/p/ioVMo1GzaM/). #2: The Grand Haven, Michigan, pier after the... More
Can you remember your first trip to a library? Well, I can’t quite place mine either. But I easily recall the excitement of walking out with a stack of books of my own choosing, all in exchange for the simple act of filling out a little card with my name on it. To this point in life, I’d been taught to not even think about leaving the premises with rental roller skates or ugly bowling... More
The February morning in South Dakota’s Black Hills dawned clear and cold. I had two options for the day: Peer into a hole on Pactola Lake alongside some buddies on an ice-fishing mission or check a hike to Harney Peak off my bucket list. The fishing had been slow to this point, so I headed for the Sylvan Lake trailhead and set out. The stone fire tower atop Harney marks America... More
January is almost half gone, and the same thing might be said for most of your New Year’s resolutions. (It gets easier to find an available treadmill at our gym every day.) But one promise to yourself that’s probably easier to keep than you think is to eat local more often in 2014. In fact, several Midwest states provide such an embarrassment of riches on this front that if we don... More
From the spring-green fields of Wisconsin's dairyland to the chilly December waters of Lake Michigan, our photographers captured the Midwest in all its seasons and moods for our stories last year. Here are our favorite shots from the 2013 issues of Midwest Living. Uplands Cheese Company’s Andy Hatch stands with his business partners near Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Photographer:... More
Every once in a while, you run into someone who genuinely looks at the year’s weather from the old perspective of “Nine months of winter and three months of bad skiing.” (Or perhaps bad snowmobiling, depending on where you live.) As you head farther north in the Midwest, you meet more and more of these folks who have genuinely adopted winter as a season to be embraced... More