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Make an Easy Spring Door Decoration

I love adding pops of spring in my home. This year I wanted to create a happy spring arrangement to welcome both our guests and the new season. I decided to do a hanging basket instead of a traditional wreath to change things up.

This project was truly so simple, and it would evenbe fun to do with little ones. Here is what you’ll need:


- Four faux pussy willow branches
- Two faux forsythia branches
- Two faux dogwood branches
- Two faux fern stems or greenery
- Block of floral foam to fit your container
- Hanging wall basket
- Sheet moss (depending on your type of basket)
- Sharp scissors or wire cutters

Step One: Prep

First, I lined my hanging basket with sheet moss because my basket is open. If you have a wicker or other more closed basket you can skip this step. Then I placed my floral foam inside the basket.

Step Two: Trim Branches

Next, I trimmed all the floral stems where they separated from the main branch, creating multiple short stems from each branch. I perforated the branch with scissors and then twisted until the stem came free, but you could also use wire cutters to cut through each stem.

Step Three: Arrange

I started with my pussy willow stems as a background, simply sticking them in the floral foam along the back of the basket. Next, I placed the dogwood branches in front of the pussy willows, making sure the arrangement looked full. My goal was for a soft, viney look with the stems cascading out of the basket a bit. I followed with the forsythia in the front of the basket, going for the same effect. Last, I added the fern branches around the bottom of the arrangement to make it fuller and hide any floral foam that may be showing.

When I do a craft project, I love for it to be simple and easy, but make a big statement. This spring hanging arrangement definitely fit the bill! It only took me about 30 minutes, but I love how it turned out and how much life it brings to our home. The cheery yellow forsythia just say spring to me, and the basket is such a fresh take on a spring wreath. Happy crafting!

Courtney Browning is a decorator and antiques dealer in Wichita, Kansas. She blogs at

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