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Harvest Time: Your Photos

It's harvest season, whether you're a farmer or a backyard gardener. Here's what some of our social media followers have been sharing recently:

Pumpkin harvest at Volga, South Dakota, from Jerry Julie Nelson via Facebook.

"Homegrown produce is the best!" Mary Welle, Minnesota, posted to Facebook.

Amidei Mercatino in Lake Forest, Illinois, photo by Bob Stefko via Instagram @midwestlivingmag.

Apple picking, Kaitlyn Jacobini, via Facebook.

"Awesome tomato crop! Lots of homemade marinara!" From Julie Misco, via Facebook, Plainfield, Indiana.

"Harvest time in rural Ohio, " Rachel Blevins, shared on Facebook.

Sunset at Michigan's 12 Corners Vineyards, Joshua Nowicki Photography, Facebook.

"My daughter pulling carrots from our field," uploaded to Facebook by Tanya K. Estelle, Elmira, Michigan. "A small town with lots of potato, carrot, green bean, wheat and soybean fields," she writes. "I help grow a 5-acre strawberry farm as well. These carrots are typically this size as this variety is grown for Gerber. Tender and sweet !"

"Part of our celebration of summer," Toad Hill Gardens, Kansas, shared on Facebook.

"Ready for making tomato juice," Lois Stillions Love, Facebook.

"Took me 1 hour and $10 to pick 8 lbs of cherries," Door County, Wisconsin, by Instagram user @karamichellew

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