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10 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with This Wisconsin Dog

We know Midwesterners love their pets, so when we stumbled across this adorable Instagram feed of a Wisconsin border collie named Cricket, we just had to share. Cricket's owner Jennifer Luedtke, who works for her family's logging business, says the 2-year-old dog is a natural ham. Jennifer takes her camera—and Cricket—on everyday adventures around rural Amery, Wisconsin (60 miles northeast of Minneapolis, Minnesota). She also writes fun captions from Cricket's perspective, capturing the Heartland as a magical outdoor playground for four-legged explorers. Here are some of our favorites:

"With my humble upbringing on a farm, I'm proud to call myself an underdog."

"Being an underdog has its perks, like hanging with barn friends. This is my new little brother, Oliver. We love playing hide-and-seek."

"Here in the Midwest, you can pick your food and play with it, too. Is there anything sweeter?"

"Gotta love the dog days of summer. I even got permission to dig in the sand! That's a first."

"All winter long, I dream of warm summer evenings under the golden sun. Ahhhhhh."

"The nightlife is wild around here. Even reflections become creatures of the night. Can you spot the wolf?"

"My favorite combo: a big stick and an open field. Tail up. Eyes closed. Soak it in."

"Every year we celebrate the crowning of the Country Princess. I always win."

"Sometimes a girl just needs to chill."

"Amery has the best lazy river rides. You might be wondering who my tubing companion is. That's my mom, Jennifer. She's not only my photographer and chauffeur, but also my travel buddy. And she gives the greatest belly rubs." 

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