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6 Ways to Show Off Spring Blooms

Though spring blooms—frilly daffodils, dainty bleeding-hearts and statement tulips—look beautiful in the landscape, I like to snip a few from my yard to arrange in tiny vessels like teacups or drinking glasses. Try these flower display ideas inside or outside your home. They're great for Easter dinner, a bridal brunch or an any-occasion pick me up. 

1. A handful of blossoms is all you need to fill an espresso cup. Grouping yellow flowers (daffodils, pansies and forsythia) in a yellow container creates a cheery monochromatic arrangement. Pussy willow sprigs contrast the delicate petals.

2. Tulips tend to droop, but a wire birdcage will support stems. For a unique centerpiece, place a water-filled vase inside the birdcage, then tuck tulips between the bars.

3. A petite tumbler serves as a sweet vase, especially when it's in a fun hue! Balance pink and white bleeding-hearts with yellow alyssum and candytuft.

4. This more elaborate arrangement stars moss and mini pots. It's a fun way to show off a stem or two of each spring flower in your yard. Here, daffodils, tulips, snowdrops and grape hyacinth create a colorful mix. To start, fill each mini pot with water-soaked florists foam. Insert flowers, stems cut short, and layer on moss to keep stems in place. Protect the tray with aluminum foil or plastic lining. Finally, place pots on the tray and fill in with moss.

5. Welcome spring with a front door display that repurposes an old metal funnel. To hang it on your doorknob, tie a ribbon to the handle. Plug the funnel with a cork. Put water-soaked florists foam inside a plastic bag, then position it inside the funnel. Insert blooms, like tulips, lily-of-the-valley, white bleeding-hearts, viburnum and pussy willow.

6. It doesn't get more charming than this. Use a salt or pepper shaker as a bud vase. Siberian squill stems are the perfect size to fit through holes in the cap. If stems don't fit, just skip the cap.

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