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4 Inviting Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving has a special place in my heart. Life is so busy—my family is running in multiple directions on any given day—but on Thanksgiving we stop and concentrate on one another. So I set out to create a welcoming table where people want to sit, have that extra cup of coffee and converse. Here are four simple tabletop ideas that can add friendly warmth to mealtime.

1. Keep it casual by repurposing vintage Bundt cake pans. I turned one into a vase for stems of ilex berries by putting a small glass of water inside the hole. An upside-down pan works as a stand for apple pie. Finish the arrangement with an heirloom pumpkin sitting on top of grevilea, an evergreen plant available at local florist shops. Pine or spruce branches work just as well, look stunning as an alternative, and save you a car trip and money if you've got one in the backyard.

2. It’s all about the brass on the next table. Gather old brass serving dishes and make them do double duty by planting big-box store succulents in them. Bosc pears and mini pumpkins enhance the scene. I placed my pieces on top of wide burlap ribbon, the type sold at crafts stores. The contrast between the shiny brass and the rustic texture of the ribbon makes me smile.

3. Because I love succulents so much, for my next version, I simply traded brass for vintage silver serving dishes. A tray unifies the decor when smaller vases and serving pieces are on it. In this case, the succulents inspired my color palette of greens and purples. Purchase an ornamental squash and red grapes at a local grocer and add dried hydrangeas for a bit of height. 

4. My love of nature inspired my last creation. Slabs of wood elevate an heirloom pumpkin. My slabs are actually wood chargers that you can purchase online. But you can also find wood slabs in various sizes at Save-On-Crafts. Gather driftwood to surround the pumpkin, and place woodsy-looking flowers, such as yarrow, kangaroo paw and grevilea, in a small glass of water tucked inside the wood.

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