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3 Blogger Projects We Love

Looking for a simple weekend decorating or garden project? Here are three DIY ideas from Midwest bloggers that should take only an hour or two to complete.

1. Book planter Recycling a castoff book into an indoor planter makes for an interesting plot twist. Jennifer Zuri (town-n-country-living.com) cut a rectangle-shape pit in the pages of a book using a craft knife.  After lining the space with tin foil and parchment paper, she added soil and a trailing plant. Store-bought moss covers the lining’s exposed edges and gives another dimension to the unexpected container garden.

2. Scene-setter Emily Walters (handmakerofthings.com) created inexpensive DIY chargers by painting 12x12-inch pine plywood boards with mix-and-match geometric patterns. A finishing seal of clear acrylic spray allows for easy cleanup. Succulents, dahlias and other blooms add stylish touches for indoor or outdoor entertaining.

3. Hanging basket garden When you're short on space or can't keep pets out of your plants, try a vertical garden. Rachel Denbow (abeautifulmess.com) assembled hers using hot pink rope and a trio of woven baskets. Knots under the base of each basket hold the plant-filled units in place. Rachel says the same idea can be used inside your home to store craft supplies, fruits and vegetables, bath products or other items.

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