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An Abundance of Apples

What do you do when a friend's apple tree loses a branch in a storm, and you are inundated with almost-ripe apples?

Bake, of course. And bake.  And bake.

"That's a LOT of apples," my daughter commented as she peered inside the bulging bag I'd lugged home.

"Yup," I answered. "Want to go look for some recipes?"

We decided to try slow-cooker apple butter, apple muffins and a variation of Midwest Living's Crumb-Topped Apple Trio Pie—for starters.

After coring, peeling and chopping the first group of apples the old-fashioned way, we dispatched my husband to buy an apple peeler.

Wow! How did I live so long without this time-saver?

"This," my daughter declared, holding up a coil of apple, "is really cool."

As often happens when we cook, we realized halfway through our bake-a-thon that we were missing some of the ingredients in the recipes we'd chosen. No one wanted to go out again, so we improvised. How wrong can you go with apples and spices?

The verdict: The chunky, spicy apple butter was delicious on warm biscuits that night. Apple muffins: Totally fabulous. Apple pie: Great. A lot for three people to eat, but we're working on it.