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15 New State Fair Foods We Can't Wait to Try

Bacon. Funnel cakes. Deep fried. On a stick. Those four elements are a fairgoer's dream, and you can find at least one each in our picks for top 15 new fair foods. Here's a sampling of the mouth-watering highlights from seven of the Midwest's beloved state fairs. Don't forget the Tums.

Indiana State Fair August 1-17

Photos courtesy of the Indiana State Fair

1) Cheeseburger Basket on a Stick Seasoned fresh ground beef and sharp aged cheddar cheese fill a ball of hash brown potatoes rolled in seasoned bread crumbs. The whole thing gets deep-fried to golden brown on a stick—because putting all of this in a basket would just be too easy. (Available at Barto's Catering)

2) Funnel Cake Ice Cream Sandwich Soft-serve vanilla ice cream gets smushed between two miniature funnel cakes. Powdered sugar and a drizzle of chocolate syrup top the whole thing. The only trouble may be trying to open your mouth wide enough to bite into the sandwich. (Available at Urick Concessions)


Iowa State Fair August 7-17

Photos courtesy of the Iowa State Fair

3) Smoked Brisket and Bacon Mac N Cheese It's not going to win the blue ribbon for most photogenic food item, but you can't deny the potential for deliciousness in this trifecta of smoked brisket, applewood smoked bacon and creamy three-cheese sauce. (Available at the Rib Shack in Walnut Square)

4) Funnel Cake Sticks They'll fry up your choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry funnel cake batter, top it with icing and hand it to you on a stick. Simply genius. (Available at Arnold's Concessions on Rock Island Avenue)


Minnesota State Fair August 21-September 1

Photos courtesy of the Minnesota State Fair

5) Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Leg We can just imagine the conversation: Steve: "Hey, Bob, our turkey legs are big and meaty, but they're the same every year. What if we wrap the whole thing in bacon?" Bob: "You betcha." (Available at Texas Steak Out)

6) Deep Fried Breakfast on a Stick If your goal is to exceed a 2,000-calorie diet before noon, this is a great place to start: American and Swiss cheeses, a sausage patty, one egg and Canadian bacon all sandwiched between two pancakes, dipped in batter and deep fried on a stick. (Available at The Sandwich Stop)

7) Deep Fried Buckeyes The Ohio-native chocolate-covered peanut butter balls get the royal treatment here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, where they're dipped in funnel cake batter, deep fried, dusted with sugar and served with strawberry sauce. (Available at Spaghetti Eddie's)


Wisconsin State Fair: July 31-August 10

Photos courtesy of the Wisconsin State Fair

8) Peanut Butter Bacon Bison Burger The addition of peanut butter to this hearty Texas Toast sandwich with 1/3-pound of bison and pit-smoked bacon guarantees a stick-to-your-ribs experience. (Available at Exotic Meat Grill)

9) Deep Fried Maple Bacon Cookie Dough The maple-bacon craze is everywhere, but props to this variation for being unique. Bacon gets tossed into a cinnamon-and-oat cookie dough that gets deep fried in a pastry wrapper and topped with maple glaze, powdered sugar and more bacon! (Available at Emma's Cookie Kitchen)

10) Chicken-N-Waffle Cone If we had to pick a winner for quality ingredients, this would be it: A homemade rosemary-cornmeal waffle cone filled with layers of blue cheese coleslaw, fried chicken that was marinated in Cajun-buttermilk, and Water Street Brewery Honey Lager maple syrup. Did we mention it's topped with beer-candied bacon? (Available at Water Street Brewery)


Kansas State Fair September 5-14

11) Frosted Flake Fried Chicken For those who can't choose between breakfast and lunch, try this hearty brunch on a stick. (Available at Family Foods)

12) Deep Fried Klondike Bar What wouldn't you do to have one of these battered ice cream sandwiches melt in your mouth? (Available at Nana's Delicacies)


North Dakota State Fair July 18-26

13) Strawberries and Creme Funnel Cake Um...why didn't we think of this before? The concept is simple, but it has us drooling. (Available at Thomsen's Root Beer and Funnel Cakes)


Ohio State Fair July 23-August 3

14) Banana Dog Everyone will go ape for this battered and deep fried banana served with peanut butter and chocolate. (Available at Dickerson and Kenna)

15) Bubba's Bacon This new food stand goes whole hog with 1/4 pound of bacon on a stick, bacon popcorn, chocolate-covered bacon, a hot dog wrapped in bacon and a bacon burger. Try it all and you'll be booking it for the nearest lemonade stand. (Located near ShowPlace Pavilion)

Which of these are you dying to try? Let us know in the comments section below!