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For the ultimate #foodporn fix, we follow these Instagram feeds showcasing some of the most inventive creations being dreamed up in Midwest kitchens. Our March/April cover story contains 37 reasons why we're living in the golden age of Midwest dining. These accounts from chefs, restaurants and photographers provide eight more. @_plate There... More
Full confession: I’ve lived in Des Moines for nine years and have never tried a classic Midwest fried pork tenderloin sandwich. Until this week. There are reasons for that. I’m more likely to crave the Dragon Rolls at Miyabi 9, the roasted goat cheese at Lurra Cocina or a cranberry-walnut salad at Gateway Market. But in the spirit of good Iowa porksmanship... More
Summer Miller’s 2015 cookbook New Prairie Kitchen profiles 25 Midwest producers, farmers and chefs who give our region a starring role on America’s culinary stage. Summer uses the profiles as a launching point to showcase a variety of Midwestern specialties that we can make at home. Here are five of our favorite Midwest makers in the book. George and Emily Johnson | George... More
In our November/December 2015 issue, we feature a knock-out shortbread recipe from Chicago pastry chef Mindy Segal's debut cookbook Cookie Love. At her restaurant, Mindy's Hot Chocolate, Mindy always serves cookie plates, deceptively casual assortments of crazy-creative cookies. She does things like roll homemade hot fudge into rugelach, or fold a bar snack like corn nuts into... More
One of my favorite parts of producing our annual Comfort Food magazine (available online and on newsstands) is digging around to find recipes that have lived in relative anonymity on our website for many years, waiting to be rediscovered and beautifully photographed for a new audience. Here are five oldies-but-goodies I had never tried before producing this year's issue... More
If you love to eat your way through state fairs as much as I do, tweets like this alert us that it's time to start planning our visit:  New foods at the #ISF2015 are here! http://t.co/2DheyqaLqE — Iowa State Fair (@IowaStateFair) June 24, 2015 Four of the Midwest's largest state fairs have already revealed their mouth-watering lineup of new foods... More
Deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dog, Cracker Jack, Wrigley gum—you probably already know about these Midwestern favorites that have their roots in the Windy City. But there are a number of other creations invented in Chicago that you may not know about. From a sandwich made with plantains to cheese that’s set on fire, here are six items with Chicago origins. Saginaki... More
I've been the food editor at Midwest Living for nearly three years, which means I've had the delicious privilege of testing and publishing something like 300 recipes. Or is it 400? I don't even know. Somewhere around the 27th way to use a rotisserie chicken, I started to lose track. But what's incredible is that the dishes I've tested are just the tip of a very large and... More
It was a sad day in the Glazebrook household when my husband, Rob, learned he had a gluten allergy. It wasn’t so much the limits on food that posed problems (although, we’ve forgotten more than once that barbecue sauce and soy sauce can harbor gluten), but the loss of hobbies: Rob and I loved to bake bread, and after a few disastrous attempts at swapping gluten-free flours into... More
I grew up decorating sugar cookies in, shall we say, the classic way. We mixed various colors of buttercream frosting, spread it generously on the cookies, and then liberally topped them with sprinkles and Red Hots. Now I like buttercream as much as the next girl, but even as a kid, I kinda knew those cookies tasted gross. And it was all such a mess! The knives got gunked up and crusted with... More