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A fall color shot from Wisconsin was not only our most-liked Instagram photo for September but also one of our most-liked photos ever. Yes, we're excited for fall!  Join in the fun by tagging your Instagram photos #midwestmoment and following us @midwestlivingmag. No. 1: “A glorious afternoon here in the North Woods” of Wisconsin. Photo by @silphiums (http... More
Choosing vacation lodging is one of life’s great gambles. You can spin on your heel and leave a bad shop. You can even skip out of a restaurant after drinks. But it’s a lot harder to change course on your lodging, especially if you’ve anchored your weekend around its amenities, location and overall ambiance. And vacation time and dollars are too scarce to waste on a bad choice... More
Golden mums and bronzy foliage might be taking over garden centers these days, but my mind is on frilly daffodils and dainty tulips. Though it may seen odd to focus on spring when Halloween is around the corner, now is the time to get those spring-blooming bulbs in the ground. Rosie Lerner, extension consumer horticulture specialist at Purdue University, explains why and offers her top bulb... More
I love the Windy City this time of year. The weather is still warm enough to hit the beach—sans crowds—and it's the perfect time to get away and check out the city's new boutique hotels. Here's a weekend worth of great places to stay, play and dine that go above and beyond when it comes to fun times in Chicago. 1. Stay The new Soho House... More
Avid Instagrammer and Michigander Deb Neerken dreams of having one of her photos on a Pure Michigan billboard someday. Recently retired from a 31-year career in public service, she's ready to hit the road, traveling around her home near Grand Rapids and photographing the Mitten State in all seasons. The only thing she loves more than taking the photos is ... More
FALLelujah! FALLelujah! Admit it. You’re singing the song in your head right now. How can you not? Monday marks the official start of autumn and I, for one, am ready. Fall is my favorite time of year. Brightly colored leaves, crisp morning air and hot apple cider usher in the season. But to me, nothing marks the transition from summer to fall more than changing out the... More
At Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, six record presses huff, puff and press out up to 70,000 vinyl records a month. With U.S. vinyl record sales at their highest level in more than 20 years, it’s easy to see why owner Vince Slusarz is enthusiastic about his niche business. Vinyl buyers want to “own their music,” Vince says. “We live in an ephemeral world with constant... More
You could easily while away an afternoon picking through sun-warmed cobbled rocks along Minnesota’s North Shore while debating the better blue: the crisp hues of the September sky or the deep sapphire of Lake Superior? No season shorts travelers on stunning scenery in this area, but it’s hard not to favor fall with its golden birch leaves and cool nights. Here are our picks... More
When it comes to barbecue, passions run as hot as smoldering hickory. Stop three strangers on the street and ask them what's the best barbecue, and you’re likely to get three different answers. Brisket, pulled pork or burnt ends. Sauce that’s sweet, smoky or spicy. Meat slow smoked over applewood, topped with coleslaw, paired with fries…... More
A few months ago, I read about a primo balsamic vinegar produced in Nebraska. Of course, I know you can find artisanal or craft anything being brewed, distilled, baked or canned just about anywhere, but this raised even my eyebrows. Good balsamic (heck, even cheap balsamic) is a product so strongly associated with Italy. So of course, I had to order a bottle to try for myself. George Paul... More