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More than 100 years ago, the Ball family brought its glass factory from New York to Muncie, Indiana, to take advantage of huge deposits of natural gas that could be used in glass production. Ball's glass canning jars revolutionized food preservation, and as Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company thrived, the family gave back to the community. Ball moved to Colorado... More
Our home has four sets of built-in shelves. Luckily, bookshelves are one of my favorite things to decorate because they offer a chance to display what you love in a way that adds character and depth to a space. I've picked up a few tricks along the way as I've carefully filled each nook and cranny with items that are beautiful, meaningful and functional. 1. Pick a color palette.... More
Take a fantastical walk through free-form nature art in Minnesota’s new Ice Castle. “It looks like a fairy’s ice rink!” exclaims my 10-year-old daughter, Katie, as she peeks over a ledge near a frozen waterfall, runs to an icy archway and disappears. This man-made frozen destination opened January 9 in Eden Prairie’s Miller Park (20 minutes... More
When Chicago's winter settles in, it’s tempting to build a blanket fort and lose yourself to a Downton Abbey marathon. But if you do, you’ll miss out on all of the great winter warm-ups Chicago offers: soupcentric restaurants, hot (literally) seasonal beverages, extravagant teas, indoor gardens, Korean spas and more. Bundle up;  you won’t regret it! Slurp... More
Grown-ups don’t need any excuse to visit the Cincinnati Museum Center, the Reds Hall of Fame or the Newport Aquarium on their own, but bringing the kids makes sense on this Midwest weekend getaway in Cincinnati. Here’s what belongs on your Queen City to-do list. 1) Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal The first thing you’ll notice about this three-for-one... More
Think winter in Wisconsin Dells means rocketing down indoor waterslides while the snow piles up outside? Well, it does. But it also means so much more. You don't have to give up your waterpark fun this winter, but consider adding some of these activities to your itinerary. 1) Sundara Spa Sheltered by a small pine forest, Sundara is one of the Dells' biggest assets. The posh,... More
Now that we're in the new year, I'm indulging in one of my favorite postholiday rituals: organizing my New Year Travel Wish List! I love looking ahead to all of the fantastic openings, exhibits, concerts and celebrations happening across the Midwest and figuring out which will fit in my schedule. There's a more comprehensive list in our January/February 2015 issue, but... More
You know that thrill waiting within every episode of Antiques Roadshow when someone realizes they own that? That one-of-a-kind, practically priceless moment of history captured in some object? Spread that feeling across an entire museum, and you get the idea of a visit to The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, just outside Detroit. The museum and adjoining historical village compiled by the... More
Warmed by a steaming mug of cider spiked with brandy and the chatter of friends, I grab a pair of wooden sticks from a table near the door and step into the bracing air. It’s that magic time when day slides into night, and the path ahead is lit by torches flickering wildly in the wind. A short walk later, I reach my destination and gather in a circle with 80 others. We’re here in the... More
Our Instagram fans loved both dazzling holiday lights and quiet country scenes in December. The five most-liked pictures of the month:  1) A magical barn capture in Batavia, Illinois, by @frenchlarkspur (http://instagram.com/p/wRGKl_mzVB/).  2) Wreaths adorn Lanterman's Mill in Youngstown, Ohio. By @bluemeadowmist (http://instagram.com/p/w907d8GzVL/). 3)... More