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"Another beer tour?" My family looks puzzled. We've chuckled along with a high-spirited guide at Lakefront Brewery, traipsed through the huge Miller-Coors factory and are scheduled to visit Sprecher Brewery. On our first visit to Milwaukee, we're doing our best to get the full brewing experience. "But this one's right here," I say, pointing out our hotel room... More
1) Indianapolis Cultural Trail Getting around Indy has never been easier, or so much fun. This cool bike-pedestrian path connects five downtown cultural districts. Public art installations like Julian Opie’s Dancing Ann provide eye candy along the way, and you’ll even catch a potpourrilike whiff of flowers as you make your way through Chatham Passage. Walk, run or... More
Forgive me, but I am going to boast for a minute: I have not purchased bread in more than a month. No, we haven’t gone gluten-free. I’ve been baking a loaf every week. Why? Well, like many consumers, I am concerned about my family’s intake of added sugar and preservatives. Plus, I’d like my daughter to have a basic understanding of how yeast works. However, I have been... More
Putting Russell Crowe on your side provides a healthy advantage at the multiplex, but star power alone doesn’t explain the success of this spring’s big-budget film Noah. The movie’s audience also points to the permanent appeal of the Bible stories many of us learned by listening to Sunday school lessons or playing with plastic animals marching into plastic boats. That... More
Japanese barberry could use a good press agent about now. Not only is this popular plant currently classified as invasive in 20 of the 32 states where it is established, but research shows that it may play a role in the spread of Lyme disease as well. And odds are, it’s in your yard. Widely used throughout the Midwest, Japanese barberry was brought to the United States in the late... More
As winter very slowly turned to spring, our Instagram followers found beautiful colors in sunsets and other Midwest landscapes. Here are our five most-liked Instagram photos for March: #1: Kansas sunset reflections by @kim_horgan (http://instagram.com/p/lUuSO6Gzcq/). #2: Sunset over Lake Michigan near Holland by @tototoophoto (http://instagram.com/p/mIGmXaGzSt/). #3:... More
My local bakery’s spring display of pastel, flower-decorated cakes inspired me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for years ... learn from a pro how to decorate a cake. I signed up for the one-day Fill, Frost and Ice class at the Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionary, an 86-year-old private vocational school in Chicago’s southwest suburb of... More
Guys may dominate the hardware scene, but there’s at least one gleaming piece of machinery that makes even the ladies grow as weak-kneed as any man staring at a ’69 Mustang: the KitchenAid mixer. Seemingly indestructible, elegantly unchanging and an object of desire whose allure still hasn't peaked nearly 100 years after its debut. In fact, the Greenville, Ohio, plant that builds... More
1) Cleveland Metroparks Pick a park, any park. Nicknamed the Emerald Necklace by locals, the extensive Metroparks system loops through 18 natural preserves and 21,000 acres of northeast Ohio green space. Metroparks also recently took over management of six lakefront properties linking Huntington to Euclid Creek in a scenic 14-mile stretch. You can hike, bike, do archery, golf, boat... More
Your first mission, should you choose to accept it: Find the Safe House restaurant. Stroll along an alley in downtown Milwaukee, and keep an eye out for a door marked International Exports Ltd. Find the door? Step in—but stop there. Do you know the password? If so, whisper it to the Control Agent in the entry. If not, be prepared to prove that you are a trustworthy spy. You might... More